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Violence, Sex and Eating, the Civilized Man and the Savage

What separates the Civilized Man from the Savage? Whether he lets his primal desires rule him or not. Whereas the Savage is under complete and utter thrall to the whims of his primitive urgings, the Civilized Man on the other hand is in complete control of these desires and rule them with a firm hand. […]

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Admiration of other men’s physiques

There is nothing gay about admiring the physique of another man. The reason for this is that it is the inner qualities that you admire. Qualities that you evolutionary speaking would want in your brothers. Strength because the strength of your brothers in addition to your own will determine how well you fare against hostile […]

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Physical and Mental Perfection

Only when striving towards physical perfection might one attain mental perfection and true enlightenment. The philosophers and wise men of Ancient Hellas knew this and put great emphasis on manly virtues and aesthetics. A healthy mind must be contained in a healthy body. On the journey towards physical glory you might receive the divine insights […]

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