Happy New Year!

2017 is the year where you must renounce porn from your life.
I have often asked myself; how can we avoid the same fate that befell the Western Roman Empire? There is no easy answer, alas there is one factor that is present in every solution. We must reject degeneracy, and doing that begins with ourselves. Disregarding porn is not the final solution, but it is a good first step. We must create a culture where fapping to porn is seen as something shameful (at least for a healthy young man who wants to serve Mother Evropa).

So if you are going to make one promise for this year, promise yourself to not dishonour yourself by fapping to porn. Promise yourself to not dishonour Mother Evropa and your brothers. Promise yourself to not let the vile machinations of degeneracy distort the clarity of your mind and transform you into something less in tune with the role Mother Nature granted you.
Rejecting porn is also a first start in rejecting nihilism, which is necessary to attain true glory.

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