Book Recommendation. The Glorious Path by Seth Cooper

I have had the pleasure of reading The Glorious Path by Seth Cooper. As you might have guessed from the title of the book, it suited me quite well indeed. It is an epic fantasy novel, alas it is much deeper and heavier than a usual fantasy book as it revolves around certain interesting philosophical themes rather than just the characters and action. The philosophical themes in the book are politically incorrect; not in the sense that the language is crude or anything of the sort, but in a more intellectual sense. The book is a profound criticism of the modern world and many of the false teachings of our time (egalitarianism for one). Whereas certain individuals would prefer to ride the tiger (to use Julius Evola’s terminology), the story of this book revolves around restoring the strive towards higher ideals, a return to divinity in a world where the gods have fled. The setting is much akin to the one we see today in the West; and the Glorious Path itself, is something that must be embarked upon in our time as well. A return to beauty and progress and a rejection of degeneracy. This approach is much more heroic than the alternative; viz. trying to re-direct the ship (the ship in this metaphor are various Western nations) away from the cliffs, instead of abandoning it completely, as many defeatists are suggesting. The spirit of greatness is still within our civilisation, it merely needs to be re-awakened! So to those who say that Sweden (to give an example) is so far gone it is better to just leave it be; cease those blasphemous thoughts immediately and engage in the cultural and metapolitical war instead!

Moreover, the book is very rhetorically and linguistically pleasing. Seeing a general lack of beautiful language in modern culture this thus becomes quite refreshing and stimulating indeed.
Furthermore, I would point to this work as a great example on how fiction can be used to deliver a profound message. Those who think of epic works such as Lord of the Rings or the Illiad merely in terms of fiction are unenlightened; both those works portray heroic and masculine ideals that should be taught to all men. And generally speaking, both fantasy and science-fiction leaves room to elaborate on interesting philosophical aspects, The Glorious Path is indeed a good example of this.

I recommend this book for anyone who wants a intellectually stimulating Tolkienesque fantasy book written in great style!
I don’t recommend it for people who are not used to reading and prefer lighter, more fast paced action oriented books.

Lastly, the author and the publisher of the book partook in a very interesting conversation with Lana of Red Ice in the following episode.

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