Gallery. HD Images

20150318_131418 20150318_131424 20150318_131431profil116000madness54spartan1sickeningsparta1alpa434spartan23backofgloryperfectionspartan4xianhijas13franklee556barbarian4356Witcher1AlphaSwedishBoxerspartagreekepicback2

Photography by

Jamie Meyer, Missouri, USA

Marc Spielberg, Germany

Frank Lee, Sweden

5 Comments on “Gallery. HD Images”

  1. Honestly, if I owned a gym, I would definitely have a poster of you hanging on the wall as a way to motivate others.

  2. Martin,you should start a movie carreer.You’re the one who should bring the character of “Thor” to life,in a blockbuster movie.
    Greetings from the Netherlands (btw: great interview on Red Ice Radio. I support your views).

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