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The Online Coaching service is currently closed due to a lack of time to give enough attention to each customised schedule


Customised Training Schedule: 120 EURO/ 140 USD/ 1200 SEK.

Customised Training Schedule and 12 Weeks of Coaching: 240 EURO/ 270 USD/ 2400 SEK.

Additional 12 Weeks of Coaching:  100 EURO/ 115 USD/ 1000 SEK.


Transfer the appropriate amount* to the following PayPal account: 
After that, send me an e-mail at the same address and I will send you the questionnaire (usually within 24 hours). For Swedish clients: E-mail me first before payment if you wish to pay via any of the Swedish banks instead.

Please note that during periods of time where many new clients have signed up there might be a delay in getting the schedule. All schedules are hand-made with love and thus need time to complete.

*You can transfer the amount in any of the currencies shown. USD, EURO, or SEK. 

Customised Training Schedule

The purpose of a customised training schedule is to set you upon the path of hypertrophy and strength (or whichever goal you have in mind). Upon payment I will send you a questionnaire with various training and health related questions. Preparations to undergo prior to investing in a customised training schedule is best done by going to the gym to test your strength levels.

I wish to know your 5RM and 10RM in the following exercises:
(I wish to know your 1RM and 5RM for this exercise)
Barbell Rows
Chins/Pull-Ups (the maximum amounts of repetitions you can do)
So the next time you are in the gym – test these exercises and note down the weight you are using. The reason for wanting both 5RM and 10RM is to more accurately set the starting points for each exercise. If you cannot perform any of the exercises above; no worries. Since the schedule is customised to your personal capabilities we will work around any injuries you might have (or other hindrances – such as lack of equipment etc). 5RM means five repetitions max – i.e. which weight you can do for five repetitions. 10RM means the weight you can do 10 repetitions with. 1RM means your personal best.

12 Weeks of Coaching

This includes the Customised Training Schedule in addition to my support.

In every training schedule I write I have set a starting weight and a rate of progression based on the information I was given in the questionnaire. With a good communication this can be altered along the course to optimise your progress. If progression is stalling we will look at different factors that might have caused the lack of progression and take adequate measures to work around the issues. If the sessions are too easy, we will increase the pace to optimise the strength and muscle gains. Furthermore, we will keep constant contact via email which guarantees quick answers and clarifications (I respond to client emails as fast as I can).

In addition to answering to questions that will arise I am also able to give advice on correctly performing exercises – just send me a videoclip and I will come with pointers.

1 on 1 Gym Coaching 

Available for clients located around the Stockholm-Uppsala region in Sweden. A gym coaching session is a learning opportunity for you, my aim is to teach you a correct form in the basic heavy compound movements.

Send me an email at and we will look at a suitable time and date.

A session is one hour and the rate is 900 SEK.

A Treasure Map to Glory

You can view this service as buying a treasure map. You have to find the treasure yourself, meaning that you have to put in all the hard work yourself. I can only give my guidance on how to get there. However, the good thing about this is that the satisfaction of seeing your progression is owed to yourself and the hard work you put in.
I am very keen on you getting the best results possible. First and foremost because this reflects well upon to my knowledge and abilities, I strive to be as good as I can in whatever I do. Moreover, I view you signing up for one of my services as a sign of trust, which I will work to keep intact. Furthermore, it is important to point out that I do not promise fast results – sculpting a heroic physique and attaining Herculean strength takes a long time (I do however promise sustainable results, more regarding that here). Also, I recommend that you read through this article where I elaborate on whether Online Coaching is worth it or not.

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