German-Russian Friendship, Ukraine, ISIS, Trump. MyProtein. Conor McGregor. House of Cards

Although the crisis in Ukraine hasn’t made its way to the news headlines in a while it does not mean that all is well and good there. To gain a deeper understanding of the conflict is prudent to analyse the geopolitical situation of Ukraine. The nation is located between two economic superpowers. That of Germany and […]

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Sunday Summary. House of Cards Hypocrisy. Training Update. Assassin’s Creed 3. Beard Update

A quick commentary on this series (House of Cards on Netflix) is in order. I might very well make a video regarding this topic as well, in the larger sense, later on. The larger sense is the ongoing metapolitical war against Russia. House of Cards, is an entertaining series except for the painfully and embarrassingly obvious attempts at depicting the Russians […]

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