Sunday Summary

I will henceforth on every Sunday make a summary of the past week. I have usually kept the written word in Swedish and made my videos in English, alas I now feel the need to practice my written English. Furthermore I feel that this will be a good way to keep people updated on my current projects, how my week in the gym have been, how my diet have been etc. These summary posts will be found under the ‘English’ menu.

Themistokles of Athens!

Themistokles of Athens!

The training of the week has mainly focused on the Russian Squat Routine where two really hard sessions were included, the first one: 160 kg 6 sets 5 reps and the second one at 160 kg 6 sets, the video of the latter is found here.
The diet part has mainly revolved around the epic 12k Calories Challenge which was quite enjoyable to perform, even though I felt quite sick at the end. The video was well received and I will definitely do more of these eating videos and also longer videos.
Other than the challenge I have begun to look into vegetarian recipes to incorporate in my diet, you don’t have to eat meat to hit your protein intake of the day. I actually picked up some lentils with really good macros (24 g of protein a 100 g), I will show these along with some other products in coming Gains Kitchen videos.
I look forward to experimenting more with these. For those who are unaware I aim at 180-200 g of protein a day, which is calculated at my bodyweight at 100 kg. I am not a 100 kg right now but I aim at the same amount as protein satiates more than carbs/fat.


Coming plans is to return to the glorious shape as displayed above. Needless to say my form wasn’t the best following the calorie challenge. I have still two shoots to do before I can finally relax a bit on the diet part and focus more on the training itself and acquire great strength! I can’t wait to begin with Smolov for my bench.
Upcoming videos include Culture Talk where I show off my current book stack, Gains FUCKING Kitchen where I show some of the above mentioned products and also some recipes in which to include them, a training video (the classic style with added music etc).

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