Sunday Summary


I have had a quite glorious week. The picture above is from today’s photo shoot, which took place in the water, which is a look I always like to go for, to emulate a Sea Deity! I was actually quite happy with my form. It was definitely easier to drop the calories a bit without having to worry about making progression in a set routine. The training of the week has mainly consisted of lighter sessions with some heavy bench for the hench. On Wednesday I am leaving for Ireland and I will be there for six days and after that it is finally bulking time and until then I want my body ready to go (means I have properly rested joints etc).
The diet has mainly consisted of milk, eggs and MSC-marked fish and lots of veggies and fruits, a winning combination no doubt.
In other news my technical issues has finally come to an end, it cost a bit of money but I had saved quite a bit and I was prepared to take that hit because I know I want to do this right now and grow (first and foremost the YouTube) as much as possible. Speaking of technique things I decided upon a Galaxy S5, and it was a good choice, I considered the Nokia 1520 for its larger size but once I got the S5 in hand I saw that it was very big as well, I am really happy with that.
Furthermore I have worked quite a bit with my Let’s Play videos, which took some time to get right, I am extremely happy with the result and will continue to do a good few Let’s Plays a week, and don’t worry, even if you are not into gaming I will still keep it quite related to the gym and my usual topics! I often record the game play as pre-workout as well. Right now I have been focusing on Skyrim, which is a game we all love. I will also make videos playing Rome Total War II.


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