Books and Ideals


I stumbled upon this picture the other day and realised that it was a quite good representation of myself when I was younger.
What I see lacking in men today is the sense of epicness. A generation brought up to model themselves after something out of Sex and the City will, needless to say, not be the epitomes of heroic men. In stark contrast they will probably end up like effeminate two-faced, politically correct hipsters without any sense of right or wrong. For that is what is created when the sense of the natural gets diluted by sick ideals spewed forth from unhealthy minds with no regard for the traditions and values that was carved out throughout the ages.
If you on the other hand, in the words of Isaac Newton, stand on the shoulders of giants and acknowledge the wisdom of your forefathers you can model yourself to become something better than the degenerate sheep herd
By looking at what men have seen as important in each other, as brothers, or indeed what women have valued in men, as partners or as their partner’s brother, during previous eras it will become clear that a certain set of attributes have been prevalent. And interestingly none of those attributes seem to be emphasised today.

Loyalty to ones nation and people is seen as intolerant and even hateful.
Honesty is seen as a threat and instantly gets shut down because it is ‘offensive’.
Honour is seen as an outdated concept, to turn the other cheek to calmly get slapped another time is preferred, since “violence never solves anything”.
Strength is by that same standard also redundant. A healthy mind can exist in all sorts of bodies and ideals of a healthy physique is just a social construct put in place by evil men.

Be true to these ideals and realise that they are superior, find heroic role models from all eras, find reoccurring themes in their traits and behaviours. A very good way to find the epicness needed to become truly glorious is to read a lot.

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