Physical and Mental Perfection

Only when striving towards physical perfection might one attain mental perfection and true enlightenment.
The philosophers and wise men of Ancient Hellas knew this and put great emphasis on manly virtues and aesthetics. A healthy mind must be contained in a healthy body.
On the journey towards physical glory you might receive the divine insights that will lead to mental perfection.
First of all you will realise that you must constantly go forward, that there is no upper limit to which your mind can reach. You will also realise that each day is a gift to be treasured. Each day a unique opportunity to take one small step forward. You will realise that people around you are to be treated as friends and that everyone has something to teach you, absorbing their knowledge will enhance your own.
However, you will also realise that some people are degenerate and unworthy even of your acknowledgement. Pay no heed to these lesser mortals as their negativity and inferiority will only be detrimental to your own success.
You will put yourself above others not by pushing them down but when you bring them up with you.
Your strength will breed confidence. That confidence will allow you to be so secure in yourself that you will treat others justly, knowing that your kindness comes from a position of supreme strength and not weakness.
Your physical and mental strength will also enable you to bring destruction to the decadent forces who would like nothing more than to see you remain a passive sheep so that they unopposed may bring chaos and mayhem to your home, your wealth.
You will also realise that the supreme virtue of loyalty must be adhered to, the brothers who would valiantly stand by your side in a time of need must also conform to the same teachings as you to, this in order to go forward together. Their success is your success, their strength is your strength.

When striving to transcend mortality you must leave behind degeneracy and decadence. You must learn to act like a God, think like a God, look like a God.

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