Admiration of other men’s physiques

There is nothing gay about admiring the physique of another man. The reason for this is that it is the inner qualities that you admire. Qualities that you evolutionary speaking would want in your brothers.
Strength because the strength of your brothers in addition to your own will determine how well you fare against hostile tribes and wild animals.
Determination because having weak-minded betas as your brothers will be severely detrimental to your own survival.
When you have come a long way on the journey towards physical enlightenment you will respect others participating in the same journey, a respect and admiration that might seem odd in the eyes of unworthy mortals.
The admiration stemming from another soul of physical perfection will thus always be greater in its praise. Where a regular soul will admire just your body, a glorious soul will admire your physique in addition to the mental qualities that are now testament in your aesthetics. Determination, dedication, the ability to grind on for a long period of time, overcoming obstacles and most importantly not giving up.
To harbour a defeatist attitude is something that must be feared and avoided at all cost. The most glorious victories in history has been made through valiant endeavours of a brave few. All harbouring the inner qualities of greatness. Where others have seen only darkness and despair the brave few would believe that it was not to late, that is was worth the risk, that it was better to at least make an attempt than to stand idly by.This attitude must always be adhered to.
So if you have an inner defeatist attitude, disregard it, forgive yourself and realise that it is never to late and that the next dawn might just be golden.

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