Violence, Sex and Eating, the Civilized Man and the Savage

What separates the Civilized Man from the Savage?
Whether he lets his primal desires rule him or not. Whereas the Savage is under complete and utter thrall to the whims of his primitive urgings, the Civilized Man on the other hand is in complete control of these desires and rule them with a firm hand.
Does this mean that the Civilized Man might not enjoy these things? Or even that these desires are beneath him?
No, what is means is that he is in full control of them in the sense that he will not mindlessly lose control of the situation.
To exemplify this the Savage might, when enraged, lose his temper and resort to violence, even though the situation does not warrant it. The Civilized Man in the same situation would reign in his inner beast in the insight that uncontrolled violence is unworthy of him.
Alas in another situation there just might be the case that violence is warranted indeed. Should the Civilized Man enjoy the violence, the subjugation of his foe, the rush of adrenaline flowing through his mind and body? Yes he may, in the knowledge that this was a calculated action and not a situation where he let his inner beast take control, but rather that he took control of the beast and unleashed it.
There might also arise a situation where the Civilized Man would resort to violence whereas the Savage would not. A situation where the Savage would rather run, yet honour dictates that the Civilized Man act aggressively.

Sex is one of the strongest urgings there are. And this is natural, just as natural as violence. And thus the reasoning above must be adhered to, mindlessly succumbing to one desire is no better than succumbing to another.
Is sex something that is unworthy for an aspiring Paragon of Civilization? No, yet again it all depends on the given situation. Will succumbing to the desire be detrimental to yourself or to others? If the answer is yes then it is unworthy.
If, however, neither participant’s honour is compromised and you are in control of the situation and your desires it must be enjoyed to its fullest as it is a natural and healthy sensation.

Eating is just as the other sensations a good test of character. When the choice presents itself and you know that you could either succumb to your desires and have a short-term satisfaction or be true to your long-term commitment to yourself, what you choose here must be in accord with your ideals. Of course this is easier said than done, alas when bearing these thoughts in mind it becomes easier to take the better path.
Just as the above mentioned desires, eating can also be relished. When you realise that you are in full control of it you should enjoy it to its fullest and if possible make it into an art-form.

The Civilized Man realises that primal desires must be kept in check. Alas he also knows that it should be enjoyed when possible, as they are natural instincts.

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