Sunday Summary


The training of the week has been revolving around the usual, bench and technique training for the deadlift, which is coming along just fine, I did a rather easy repetition on 200 kg with the new form (utilizing more legs as opposed to back), I will try to get at least 260 until the next meet, which will be in late January, this might seem like a large leap but keep in mind that I’ve done 252,5 kg already and the new technique should yield more strength due to my great leg strength.
Speaking of that I will also wait about three more weeks to hit another cycle of Russian Squat Routine, so that I might have the end of that cycle (6 weeks) near the meet.
Moreover I have had a week of intellectual energy, which I have utilized to compose different philosophical texts on the Facebook page (linked to the left). I have also created a new section on this site where I will post these texts as well, as everyone aren’t on Facebook, although I highly suspect that the most of you reading this got here via Facebook :). Another point to keep the texts on this page as well is in case my Facebook gets shut down and just for the sake of convenience.
I will continue these texts as I really like to compose epic texts and because I feel like I have plenty of thoughts and wisdom to share.


I have also posted no less than four glorious Let’s Plays, gaming Total War: Rome II as Macedon, in honour of Alexander the Great. I am really happy with this campaign and the quality of these videos. I will make a separate video on why I make so many gaming videos later on.
I will also during the coming week make some Skyrim Let’s Plays, which will also be aimed at a larger audience, ie, also people who would normally watch only my regular videos. I will utilize a facecam in those videos in addition to a good audio quality (just going to find a good setup), and also a higher level of interaction. I felt that my Ryse Son of Rome videos was too intense for me to really elaborate on things since I had to concentrate so much. Skyrim, on the other hand, offers a more varied experience and gives more room for interaction.
Speaking of videos it is actually in order for me to do an epic training video soon, I haven’t really done one of those in a while and that is one of my favourite things to do, the whole process, filming it, choosing a hero to dedicate it to, choosing music, etc.
I hit 8000 subscribers on YouTube yesterday, which felt really good, when I hit 10 000 I will make some sort of special video, not sure what yet though :).

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