Carolus Rex Day of Death


This date in the fateful year of 1718 one of the truest died heroically in battle fighting alongside his men. Carolus Rex has always been a hero for the Swedish. Only in recent times has his memory been tarnished by intellectually and morally inferior individuals without honour or pride themselves.
In the glorious year of 1700 Carolus won a great victory against the Russians at Narva.
More or less at war during that whole period (1700-1718) Carolus fought and campaigned with his men which made him loved as a leader and king. When compared to other kings of the time it becomes apparent why he became so loved. I don’t think anyone would imagine France’s great Louis XIV ruling from the command tent and the battlefield.
A popular opinion of the inferior beta leftist is that our king was nothing but a warrior and adventurer, taking our sons out on long campaigns and wars.
The truth, however, was that Sweden was surrounded by enemies, and as the old military maxim goes; the best defence is attack. He brought the fight to the enemy before the fight came to Beloved Sweden. What he and his men did then, I for one am very thankful for and I think more people today should have the decency to show it.
I would say that Carolus Rex and his brave Caroleans were the very epitome of heroism. A smaller force, surrounded and outnumbered, valiantly fighting the enemy off to keep the Motherland safe.
Perhaps someone will disagree with me, but it is not my fault that they don’t have any testosterone.

May our heroes await us in Valhall ❤

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