Sunday Summary


I have, in the past week discovered a new band: Eluveitie. The band is Swiss and their theme is Celtic, usually Celtic themed bands hail from Ireland but let us not forget that the Celtic culture was wide spread all over Europe and centred around Gaul and today’s France. Since I also play Total War: Rome II now it is nice to have some PWO-music based around that time period as well.
Speaking of Total War and gaming I have had a great time making let’s plays out of my Macedon campaign, where I try to relive Alexander’s legacy. I noticed that there are actually YouTube channels with over 100 000 subscribers that basically only do let’s plays on Total War. Even though I mainly try to keep updated on either fitness or political discussions I can enjoy let’s plays once in a while as well, it can be interesting to see what strategical moves others do when playing (or just gaining new insights).
Elder Scrolls V  Skyrim 11.29.2014 -

I also have created a new Skyrim character, based upon my own fine self. I am really humbled and happy by how well received the first episode was (and I hope the second as well, I just released it). The Nord is a classic barbarian with a two handed sword and light armour. As you can see in the picture above I also utilize a face-cam to these videos, I also made some tweaks to that area of the screen to make the videos better. I enjoy progression in all things, be it gym or making cool videos.
Speaking of videos I am aware that most of my subscribers (perhaps even you reading this) would like to see more training videos. I will more of those, when I start training heavy again, I have had a calmer month with the training, since my load-up to the meet was so intense and I want to load up intensely to the next meet as well. So give me another two weeks at the most and I will be back to making glorious training videos again!
To make a little video schedule for the coming week I will show at least one cool ultra-bulk recipe (which I utilize before really intense sessions), and will make at least one political video.

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