The Situation in Eastern Europe

Let us be real about the situation in Eastern Europe.

Were the Ukrainian nationalists right to overthrow a corrupt government? Yes, they had and have my full support.
Was Putin right to take over Crimea? Yes. I would have done the same and I think anyone in that situation would have done the same. That Crimea came to belong to Ukraine in the first was due to a blunder made during the Soviet era, before that Crimea has more or less always been Russian, and the majority of Crimeans consider themselves Russian.
Moreover the Crimean peninsula is of great strategic value considering its position in the Black Sea. With an ever more aggressive Nato it would be strange if the Russians did not look to secure its naval positions in the area.
Do I support the Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine? Yes, as a matter of fact I do, Eastern Ukraine is historically Russian with Russians living there, just as Western Ukraine is inhabited by Ukrainians. If I was a Russian in the eastern part I would also want to join Russia instead of being a minority in my own land.
That Russia want to support these insurgencies can however (and a big however coming) only be accepted if they by the same token recognise the fact that the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) all have large ethnic Russian minorities put there in place during the Soviet era to ‘Russify’ those nations. If Russia were to make land claims in those countries it would indeed be a real invasion, hopefully met by fierce resistance by my Baltic brothers.
An etno-cultural conquest has by the way already taken place in recent times, when Kosovo broke from Serbia, almost the exact same development took place there, where Albanians started to move in in larger numbers in Kosovo (which historically always has been Serbian) until they were in majority and declared independence, had Serbia resisted this development I am afraid that NATO would once again bring democracy (in form of aerial bomb strikes) to them.

As only I have transcended mortality in terms of wisdom I will now give my thoughts of how to solve the situation.

Eastern Ukraine; The east-most cities, Donetsk etc are allowed to join Russia, Ukrainians in these areas are to move to Ukraina (ie the west part). Russians in western Ukraine are to move to Russia.
Crimea remains in Russian hands.
The large Russian minority in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is to be moved back to Russia; Russia is facing a decline in population so a re-population of Russians would be beneficial.
Russia forsake any claim to the Baltic lands and Western Ukraine.
NATO stops trying to antagonise Russia, it will only lead to a more defensive and ostracised Russia.
Trade resumes between the European Union and Russia. Trade leads to peace, nations involved in trade with each other have more to lose than gain by making war and tend to be peaceful with each other.
Everyone learns the lesson of this whole predicament: A quite easy lesson to be honest; A nation is inhabited by one people, if it is inhabited by more it will lead to conflict sooner or later.

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