Sunday Summary


I have successfully commenced 3 sessions of the Russian Squat Routine, and it feels rather amazing to be back in the squat rack to be honest. I have received some friendly and brotherly criticism at my Temple for excessive benching and not enough squatting. But no more of that now, it also felt good in my body to return to a familiar movement, very stimulating for all senses! The first week of a RSR cycle is always relatively easy though, with the excruciating sessions coming later. I filmed today’s session also, which means that tomorrow’s video will be a voiceover, which are always popular!
My next goals is a solid 240 kg for my next meet, if I participate, otherwise I will just make a cool video of it and I’ll let the Internet be the judge of my lift!
In other news a new DLC is coming out for Total War Rome II, which I am looking forward to playing. I will make Let’s Plays of this DLC since I am finished with my Macedon campaign and a game with Sacred Sparta is a must to have on my channel as it is in all ways in accord with my aesthetics. Total-war-rome-2-Wrath-of-Sparta

My Total War Let’s Plays are more oriented around history, strategy and the game whereas my Skyrim Let’s Plays are more of everything, talking about pretty much anything. So unless you are a gamer I would recommend that you hang out with me in Skyrim while having your postworkout shake :).
Also speaking of games (it is winter after all so why not?) Mount and Blade Viking Conquest has come out which I also will be making videos of later on!
Furthermore speaking of Sparta I wrote an article earlier during the week where I elaborate on the city states of Sparta and Athens and what lessons we can learn from their teachings!

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