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As I might have mentioned I have managed to injure myself in the back. This has made me unable to squat or perform heavy lifts putting stress on my lower back. Obviously this is in no way optimal for my gains but I have absolutely nothing to gain from a blasphemous defeatist attitude, which is why I have gone to the gym anyway. The good thing is that my legs are ahead of the rest of the physique which means that it is not the whole world if I miss a few weeks of training there. I will still go light on the leg press and go for high intensity with higher reps. Basically I will switch my whole training to a more bodybuilding style training, with more isolation movements and lighter weights, the reason for this is to put as little pressure on the skeleton as possible. Furthermore I haven’t really been serious about my chins as of late either so this is a perfect opportunity to bring some intensity to the lats again.

In other news it is soon Christmas or Jul/Yule the ancient Pagan tradition intermixed with traditions from the modern world in addition to some Christian elements. For me Christmas means eating, gaming and going to the gym with a lot of energy, courtesy of all the sweets available at my parents house (here over Christmas). Some people associate Christmas with alcohol, but alcohol is beta as can be and not something I participate in.
Also, the last Hobbit film is out, I have not seen it yet but will probably see it in the coming weeks and will also make a video on it! For those who are unaware I am a hoouuyyge fan of Tolkien’s work so the Hobbit is a big deal to me.
In the coming week it just might be the case that I don’t make as many videos but I will try to make some at least! :).

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  1. Hey!
    Have you check with doctor that there isnt any injuries to your spine? Id venture a guess its just inflamed piriformis or hip flexors or both. I had this couple of years ago they flamed pretty badly because i kept training even with pain. Alot of massage for glutes, hams, quads and stretching every day light but throughout the day.
    Try the seated piriformis stretch i had to do that alot to clear up the pain in lower back. Recently i told a guy at my gym who had lower back pain issues from weight training and running and when he finally started doing it the pain subsided fast.
    The russian squat routine obviously was way too hard even for you to use. There is also an extended version which includes deadlift in calculations but has you squatting heavy only once and second is lighter “recovery” workout.

    I wish you speedy recovery! 🙂

    • Hey man! Thanks a lot for the advice! Yeah, I will check with a doctor to see what might have happened and also stretch every day! 🙂

  2. O gode dråpare av politisk korrekthet, jag är medveten om att det är lite väl sent att tipsa om detta, men jag sträckte själv till min nedre rygg för endast fyra dagar sedan. Universallösningen, att rulla på en foamroller/landhockeyboll, hjälpte föga. Så efter en snabb titt i en värdig bok bestämde jag mig för att prova kyla ner min arma ländrygg med is.

    Vilket var förvånansvärt effektivt, 40-50 min tre gånger om dagen, första dagen. För att sedan applicera is en gång om dagen 40-50 min tills smärtan avtagit. Efter tre dagar var jag återställd. Är medveten om att man helst inte ska ta råd från en anonym androgyn varelse som kommenterar på en blogg. Men kan rekommendera dig att i alla fall googla lite på nedkylning av inflammerade områden. Det hjälpte mig VERKLIGEN.

    Hoppas allt är väl och att du får en riktigt god jul!

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