Sunday Summary


The above photo is from my man Frank Lee’s new studio here in Uppsala. The Abelian Bull and I went there to check it out, and we took some pictures also. I made sure to bring my video camera for some material for a coming video where I will talk a bit about things to keep in mind when getting shot (or indeed what to think about as a photographer). Even though it wasn’t really a proper photo-shoot per se (since I am not my ultimate shape at the moment) it will be a bit like behind the scenes.
That video will be up later in the week.
In other news I have now my Books and Reading page up:
As I might have mentioned before I am so humbled by the fact that guys ask me about what kind of books I recommend instead of what supplements I use. This is exactly in the direction I want to take this. If you who are reading this right now aren’t already into the habit of reading, I can only implore you to start doing so, it is so rewarding!
Yet again regarding the picture above, I am actually looking about the same size as Alex, if not even bigger. This is a bit of an illusion as I spread my back whereas he doesn’t. In reality he is much more massive than this picture shows.
Furthermore regarding the picture, Alex trained Kung Fu in his youth and I Thaiboxing, hence the stances.
slideshow_1Moreover we took this picture for our friend Infinite Elgintensity who was kind enough to send me one of the triforce hoodies. It is extremely comfortable and are available here:

Lastly I have bought a Rode microphone for my video camera that I will utilize when I am talking and filming away from my glorious and beloved computer. When I am at my computer (regular videos and voiceovers, and also let’s plays as of now) I am using the Blue Yeti, which is incredibly good.
And also, to mention something about my training the past week I did a personal best in clean and pushpress, ie I took 120 kg from the ground and got it over my head. This will also be shown in an epic video coming later in the week! Other than that I squatted heavier than I have done in a while (since I am being mindful of my back). I did a single on 190 kg followed by a single at 200 kg and then dropped the weights for higher reps.

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