David DeAngelo Quote regarding Feminists


David DeAngelo confirmed true friend 🙂
From his “Attraction Isn’t A Choice”. A very solid read that I can recommend.
He has a very good point here. I too am all for empowerment of women. Alas for me this means the same opportunities, such as the same right to education and the participation in life. In some nations women are hindered from participating in education and sports. This is because weak men fear strong women. A strong man relishes the thought of a strong woman, as a strong woman will be more capable of taking the best care of her man as possible, and vice versa. Many feminists, however, would mould men into becoming as feminine as possible and making women as unfeminine as possible, destroying the unique strengths of both genders. A man will always be better at being a man and a woman will always be better at being a woman, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Both men and women can be excellent scientists or authors for example. However, when politicians talk about “a feminist foreign defence policy” you know that something is horribly wrong.
It becomes all the more wrong when they also degrade the role of the mother, which has been holy in most cultures throughout history (for very good reasons).
Trying to change the natural ways of men and women to suit a degenerate ideology must be stopped at all cost.

Women, dare to be women and let men be men!

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