A Story About Abs

When I was a mere mortal I believed that I could not ever get abs. Back then I hadn’t been blessed by wisdom from the Allfather. Since I always had a good layer of fat on my stomach I just assumed that it would be there forever. I did not realise the simple truth of calories in vs calories out. I was trapped in a blasphemous mindset.
In 2011 I tried a cut during the summer. It was unsuccessful and I felt that I had transformed into a skeleton if anything. So I made the decision to not go any further. Even though I wanted abs so bad I realised that the price would be to high to continue that time.
That autumn however, I made severe gains (both physical and mental) and also decided to approach training and nutrition in a different manner. Though I still got some bro-science in the mix of knowledge I felt prepared to acquire glory the following spring.
In March 2012 I commenced what I thought would be the most epic cut ever, I was on the road to finally reaching that tantalizing goal.
I got sick within a week then I got sick again two weeks later. It felt as thought the Gods themselves reached down and punched me in the stomach then the face. I was indeed quite close to give up to be perfectly honest. However I did not, I persisted, though the cut was not something I enjoyed one bit. In fact it was rather unpleasant to say the least. My mindset was one of obsession, I would look in the mirror everyday and became distraught when I didn’t notice any difference from the day before. I had an eating day on Saturdays and that was the only thing I looked forward to.
And then a fateful summer day I was in the Temple and looked in the mirror with my shirt off and saw that I had reached my goal, I cried in the car on the way back.

Fast forward to February 2015. I have tweaked my diet slightly and wake up to having definition on the stomach and visible abs are just a few weeks away, without any significant effort. Quite interesting if you think about it.
My point here is that the first time is incredibly much harder than the coming times (it gets easier for everytime). However, learn to relish the pain and frustration in the first attempt, it will grant you valuable lessons.

Lastly, to give some practical advice. Do not dwell upon it too much. Give it time. Do not constantly think about cravings and hunger. Eat a lot of protein and vegetables to deal with the hunger and occupy your mind with other things to stave of cravings.
A good mental technique is to replace one natural desire (hunger) with another (sex), ie imagining a seductive fair maiden. Another technique, although not as powerful but still viable is to replace the mental image of what you are craving, with a mental image of yourself looking mean and lean.

I will make videos about this in the coming time!

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