Regarding US and Americans


I don’t think anyone who sees this is very fond of American foreign policy and neither am I.
However, let us take a moment and consider the following:
Most Americans are not either. They have no choice in the matter. A nation deserves it’s politicians yes, this is very true but it isn’t always as easy as to just vote every fourth year for some sort of vague change. Furthermore American politics is more like shadow boxing where non-issues such as gay-marriage (seriously who in the actual fuck cares?) take away the focus from issues of importance, transforming the political campaign into a matter for simpletons who can only understand certain concepts (such as the morality of the aforementioned gay marriage).
And the winner is more often than not decided by who can get the most financial support from lobby groups, not who can present the best option for long term stability and growth.

My point with posting this was not to discuss politics but to aware people of the fact that regular Americans is not the same as USA, and their interests differ. It is unfair to condemn regular American guys for the actions of immensely powerful corporations. Just as it is unfair if people were to despise me and other decent Swedish guys for living in the laughing stock of the world.

So what I really want to say is that I like many aspects of the US and even though I am viscously opposed to Nato I think regular Americans are really decent folk. I have been there twice and have both time received a warm welcome!
Lastly, there is nothing strange to feel akin to many aspects of America as a European. After all, the nations is built largely on the backs of people from nations similar to my own. Add to this that many regular White Americans are facing the same sort of “intellectual” degradation as their European counterparts. Including rampant feminism, White guilt, lack of sense of belonging etc.

So to my American true friends. I am with you!

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