Christianity, Paganism and Roman Heritage

Christianity is indeed a very interesting topic to discuss, and you have often seen me utilizing Christian aesthetics, such as my Cross next to the Hammer of Thor.
The Roman heritage still lives among us, after all my very name, Marcus, is of Roman origin.
However, I am neither Christian nor Roman. In fact I am not even baptised and religion has never been a prevalent part of my life. I am not a great proponent of Christian values and morals, I prefer the more glorious and testosteronous teachings of the Pagan Gods. After all, what does best align with our nature; to turn the other cheek or to bring destruction to your enemies with the fury of Thor himself?
So why do I use Christian aesthetics? Because of their value as a part of a European identity. The same reasoning can be applied to the use of Roman or Hellenic aesthetics. Even though I am neither Christian nor Roman, I can still with honour represent the two in a larger European context.
There is no sense in a misplaced sense of jealousy or in inglorious infighting. The time when the Allfather and Jupiter valiantly clashed on the battlefield is over. Now, together with God in Heaven, they look on in disbelief as Mother Evropa is being torn apart by the ill-will and the unnatural desires of those who hate everything glorious and natural in this world.
During the many Islamic invasions of Europe, Christianity has served as a unifying factor. And I dare say that the whole of Europe trembled when the very last of the Roman Empire fell with the mighty walls of Constantinople in the black year of 1453.

We must re-ignite the undying glory of the Allfather and the valour of Mars and the guiding light of God in Heaven and the benevolence of the Goddess of the Earth lest Europe will sink into chaos and mayhem.

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