Sunday Summary


This is actually written on Monday the 2nd of March! The reason for that was yesterday was a rather hectic one. First of all I commenced an epic deadlifting session. I had a rest day during the Saturday, playing Settlers of Catan with true friends and eating quite the amount of calories. This was in accord my plan to have a good session on the Sunday. I started the session with a really heavy 3 in the bench on 150 kg (should not have been that heavy), then I decided to leave the bench until today and go for the deadlifts instead. Earlier in the week I did the following session:

Which was 3×3 on 220 kg, and the session yesterday was 3×3 on 225 kg (with the last set without straps but with a mixed grip). I dedicated the video to Hephaistion who was Alexander the Great’s main man, he was portrayed in the Alexander film (2004) like a total beta, and that is just as historically inaccurate as it gets.
Either way my plan now to get to 260- or 270 kg in the deadlift is to go with these sessions of 3×3. So the next time, depending on how the form of the day is, will be either 230 kg or 235 kg. And after completing those sessions I should have 260 kg. I have already taken 252,5 kg so the leap is not that great actually. It mainly feels like I am still regaining strength (why it is going so fast). It will be fun to see how far I can get in this endeavour. The thing here is that my deadlift progression has been rather horrible over the years (with 230 kg autumn 2012) so I said to myself that it was not worthy of me and decided to do something about it.


In other political news here in Sweden it was with great joy that the Sweden Democrats in the city of Stockholm elected William Hahne as new chairman after quite some drama over the night (and a lot of drama in the recent time). The Stockholm district has always been a weak point for the party but I have full trust in that William and the newly elected people will turn that trend around. He is indeed a name to look out for in the coming time and on behalf of all true friends and Latsbrothers I wish him the best of luck!


Speaking of Latsbrothers, there is now two official true friend Instagram hashtags, which are #legiogloria and #latsbrothers. You can also tag me in your pictures if have have posted something epic or glorious @latsbrah. It can be fun for me and true friends to check on the progress on other true friends, or just random cool pictures! I have been a bit sceptic to having hashtags because they have a tendency to be so unoriginal and blasphemous, but these hashtags are more to create a sense of community and as a way of communicating! So next time you take a cool picture or something make sure to tag with #latsbrothers and #legiogloria!


Some final words about yesterday’s Twitch. It was a really glorious stream, I gamed for almost 4 hours but it only felt like 1 to be honest! The picture above is from a battle with our Saxons! I must yet again say that I am really impressed by Attila, certainly one of the best games I’ve ever played, extremely immersive!
I will try to stream on Fridays and Sundays (as voted by you who tuned in yesterday).

Videos for the coming week will include Gains Kitchen, VLOG, Attila, some political/philosophical videos and of course Wednesday Q&As! I also might write a longer post serving as a general guise towards my glorious views of things (like a manifesto).

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