Regarding Violence

When looking to optimize ones favour in the Eyes of the Gods being comfortable in one’s own violence is important. I am not saying that you should model your life to be someone who can only think in terms of fighting. Just make it another aspect of yourself as a man. Just as being eloquent and well dressed is another part of you. Being able to throw a punch or being able to always dress flawlessly might not be your greatest interests, and it doesn’t have to be either. Just don’t disregard them.
When creating the perfect physique you cannot neglect a certain bodypart. And when creating a perfect mind you cannot neglect primordial virtues such as strength and violence. And neither can you neglect intellectual virtues such as being able to wield an argument to great success (and this is what we are in most need of right now).
The virtue of wisdom is probable the one I push hardest on and that is because I come from a standpoint as an intellectual. However, to show disdain for something that is deeply rooted in masculine identity is blasphemous and dishonest.
With this said, keep the following in mind; the use of violence is only glorious in a limited amount of situations, whereas it is unworthy and inglorious in very many situations. The most alpha thing is to not need to resort to violence, resorting to violence means that you are threatened and cannot impose your dominance with your sheer will. Being supremely confident and dominant consists in being above violence. Important here is to distinguish between being above and being below violence as a means to avoid it. You can avoid violence by being a submissive beta, for example if someone disrespects your fair maiden in front of you. You can ignore it, and be below violence, or you can be above violence by putting your foot down without utilizing violence. If you are alpha enough you can impose your will without violence.
However, sometimes violence is justly called for in terms of a crisis and then you should use it for the benefit of those in your tribe. Moreover, violence can also be an recreational outlet, where men squaring of within commonly set boundaries (whether it be a fight between football firms of a boxing match).
Uncontrolled violence which can harm innocents, however, must always be avoided in a civilized society.

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