Nationalism and Self-Improvement


Yukio Mishima delivers some profound wisdom right here.
Another quote comes to mind by Guillaume Faye “the French themselves are the artisans of France’s destruction”.
Interestingly enough it can be applied to both yourself as a person and your tribe/nation.
This can also explain why the majority of you who are reading this has a profound interest in the gym and self-improvement and at the same time are some variety of nationalists/tribalists/identitarians. When you start to put greater value upon yourself (via self-improvement and the gym) you also start to value yourself in the larger context, which is your family and tribe/nation.
Important to realise for any leftist reading this is that this mentality only stems from the belief of your own worth and not based on any sort of hatred for others.
The mindset you have to condition yourself to have; love yourself, push yourself towards excellence. Love your nation and push it towards excellence.
A reason I am not a White supremacists is that it doesn’t matter if Whites are better or not (in the Scandinavian case). I can hands down say that Japanese people have a higher average IQ than Scandinavians. Does that mean that I want us to become Japanese? No, I want the have the best and wisest Scandinavians possible, because I love my own people very much and put great value in our unique identity. I can also hands down say that there are Japanese people with higher IQ than myself, does that mean I want to acquire a Japanese wife to attain a potentially higher IQ for my children? No, because I want my son to look like myself and be a part of the Scandinavian legacy. That is because I love myself just as I love my own people. It doesn’t matter if we are better or worse than anyone else.
I love my mother, I think she is the best mother a little bear cub could ever ask for. Does that mean that I think she is the only good mother? No, I am sure that a lot of people feel the same way about their own mothers. I love my own people, does that mean I hate other people? No, I have nothing but respect and love for those of different peoples who think the same way.
You must value yourself, doing so will greatly enhance your life. Realise that you can only improve yourself. The satisfaction of your own progression must be what drives you in your own self-improvement. I am hardly the strongest man in my gym, alas I still feel great pride in my progress and every new personal best lift.
If you are fat, you might still be overweight, but feel proud if you are a bit lighter the next week.
If you are nervous talking to women, feel proud that you started a conversation with one, even if you are not Casanova yet.
When you begin to put greater value upon yourself you will notice that life treats you better. Nature and life absolutely hates weakness and you will be punished for your weakness, if not by any external forces, your own essence and spirit will punish you with low self-esteem.
Always remember that fortune favours the bold.

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