Sunday Summary


Today I had the pleasure of training with an Elven brother who is one of my oldest and truest friends! Some old friends you see fall into decline and that is regrettable and some you see prosper, which makes you happy. The latter is the case with this friend in particular. He can in all actuality serve as a role model for a lot of guys. He has taken the Glorious Pill and is thus progressing not only in the gym but also in other aspects in life. And like me he likes to read and he has actually recommended to me a good few books (I have another book on my to-read-list as a result of our encounter today).
Furthermore he has been together with his fair maiden for 8 years which is a great testament to the innate qualities of both partners. I have massive respect for such longstanding relationships.
And to add to the list of qualities my friend also has a successful business venture, which makes it interesting to share ideas and perspective with him!johan3556

The reason for writing about this is to highlight some of the values that are glorious. And also to emphasize what kind of friends you should surround yourself with. A constant defeatist who is only negative will be detrimental to your own success. Instead, surround yourself with people who are a creative force onward and upward.
Regarding the session itself I actually did some weighted chins, which I haven’t done in a while, it felt really good though and I will start doing them on a regular basis. I will try to get to 5 repetitions on 50 kg extra weight. This should not be a problem, especially since I get stronger in the chins during the cut.

Regarding the situation with the videos, I can’t wait for Summer to keep my full focus on them, I will then do my very best to up my video editing game (which has improved a lot in the last months but I still have much more to learn).
As for next week’s videos I will try to make at least one Gains Kitchen and one epic training video.
I will also try to Twitch on Wednesday as I enjoy those very much.
I hope you all have a productive coming week!

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