Defeatist Attitudes is Treason


This might just be the most important message I can impart with my current reach so I will keep it brief, with this said I implore you to read it and spread the message.
If there is one thing I absolutely resent and disdain, or even hate actually, it is the defeatist attitudes that a lot of people go around with. It is one thing to harbour negative thoughts. It is another thing to spread that poison to your environment. So the next time you want to say (or comment) “it is hopeless”, “it is too late”, “Sweden (or given nation) will fall”, realise that you are about to commit a terrible sacrilege and check yourself. Success in any given endeavour, whether it consists in being able to squat 200 kg or in saving Europe from becoming a fractured and chaotic hell relies heavily upon believing in victory. If you go into a situation with the mindset that you will lose, you have already beaten yourself, and you will lose.
I can maintain a positive outlook on life and the future because I have enough historical knowledge to know that glorious victories can be achieved even when vastly outnumbered and from impossible odds.
Lastly, if you ever feel that is hopeless remember the famous words of King Henry V of England.

“The Fewer the Men the Greater the Share of Honour”

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