PC: Processor: Intel Core, i-5-4460, CPU @ 3.20 GHz. RAM: 16 GB. Graphic Card: MSI NVIDIA, GeForce GTX 960.


Skyrim Mods

– Relighting Skyrim
– Improved Interior Lightning
– Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6
– Shadow Striping Fix
– Auto Unequip Arrows
– Invisable Helmets
– Realistic Piercing Arrows
– Kill Moves No Blur
– Pure Waters
– Sounds of Skyrim The Wild
– More Dynamic Shadows
– Lush Grass

From Steam and Nexus!


All Let’s Plays are here:

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I wrote an article on how to make gaming a productive part of your life instead of a negative one in this article:

I also made this video a while back stressing the importance of using gaming as a motivation and not escapism:


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