PC: Processor: Intel Core, i-5-4460, CPU @ 3.20 GHz. RAM: 16 GB. Graphic Card: MSI NVIDIA, GeForce GTX 960. Skyrim Mods – Relighting Skyrim – Improved Interior Lightning – Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6 – Shadow Striping Fix – Auto Unequip Arrows – Invisable Helmets – Realistic Piercing Arrows – Kill Moves No Blur – Pure Waters – Sounds of […]

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Western Roman Empire on Very Hard. Advice

The starting position is Legendary, which is the hardest starting position to date within a Total War game, the campaign will be gruelling at times but also very rewarding. The Cultural Trait of Imperial Allegiance allows you to recruit units from migratory hordes (which you are not at war with) that enters your territory. This […]

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A message to my Traditionalist true friends!

I would like to elaborate on something that more friends in the same struggle towards a more glorious society needs to realise. And that is that a lot of things aren’t, in all actuality, mutually exclusive. To take a prime example, gaming and exploring. Just because I like to game doesn’t mean that I don’t […]

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