Sunday Summary. Finland’s Independence Day and Swedish Heroism. Islamist Attack in California. Assassin’s Creed Rouge Review

Today is Finland’s independence day and as such we should commemorate those who fought in the Winter War (part of the Second World War). I would say that not only the Finnish people have cause for remembrance but also the Swedish people, and in particular Swedish men. I am not saying this in any attempt to acquire additional glory for myself but rather in the sense that it should serve as an inspiration for myself and for other Swedish men. For those who are unaware almost 9000 Swedish men decided to go over to Finland in order to fight. Now these men were obviously not the only ones who volunteered to fight Communism in the Second World War (large numbers from all over Europe joined the German effort in fighting the Bolsheviks). However, why I mention the Swedish volunteers in particular is because of the foolish notion harboured by lesser men that Sweden’s role in the war was in some way not glorious. Although one should be kind and understanding to these people who just do not know any better it is important to not let their misguided views stand unopposed. The Swedish response then was one I am genuinely proud of (just as I am ashamed of Sweden today), the Swedish state did not order its men to die in a war that wasn’t theirs and yet the opportunity was there for those who wanted to aid against the invasion of Finland, and aid against the greater threat of Communism. Thanks to their bravery and skill Finland remained free from Soviet oppression. That willingness to fight against an anti-European force and to fight for one’s brothers is something that must inspire European men today.


Moreover an attack by Islamists occurred in California during the past week, which sparked discussions regarding gun control. I am personally very pro-guns in the American case, this is due to the fact that the United States is founded upon a principle of liberty (and the right to bear arms is the second amendment in their constitution). This is also a topic which I probably will cover in a coming video as it is an interesting one to discuss. Alas I think it is in order to share one of the most profound arguments for an armed citizenry here as well, and that argument is quite simple in its nature: criminals and terrorists will have the ability to acquire arms regardless of regulations which puts regular citizens at a severe disadvantage.
And for all Americans who are reading these words: Never give up your arms. 


I have played through Assassin’s Creed: Rogue and my verdict is the same as with Black Flag: A brilliant game. The only downside is that it was a bit too short, which I suppose in a way speaks well of the game. It takes place during the French and Indian War in the Americas. What makes this game more interesting in my view than any of the others is that you for the first time join the Templars and fight against the Assassins. I suppose most of you who are reading this (and have played any AC game) will agree that the Templars are a bit more righteous than the sometimes SJW-like Assassins, and thus it felt good to fight against them in the game! Another thing I really liked with the game is that the main character is Irish and the name of your ship is (as the picture below reveals) The Morrigan. Morrigan is a figure in Irish mythology. Lastly, Haytham Kenway (pictured above) is present in the game, definitely one of the most glorious characters in the series, you actually play as him in the beginning of Assassin’s Creed 3. And also playing through this game I am glad that I decided to play through Assassin’s Creed 3 to get the whole story as there are a lot of references to AC3 in Rogue.


Lastly I would come with a beard update but since it still hasn’t reached the stage of gloriousness I will leave you with a picture of the beard of Charlemange. Speaking of which I am looking forward to the release of this game very much (it is a DLC to Attila) which will be out in a few days. I will also make a few let’s plays of the game, playing as the Danes (the only Viking faction present) in order to raid England!


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