Sweden Trains Migrants in Sniping. Assassin’s Creed Unity Review & French Revolution


I thought to cover this first and foremost since it has been brought to my attention on numerous occasions the last few days.
Is the headline true? Yes. Is the headline also somewhat misleading? Yes.
It is not specifically a sniper school for Muslim men, and the purpose (for all I know at least) is not to train them in warfare against the West but rather to integrate them in society via activities. However, it is very much true indeed that the state funds all sorts of sport activities for migrants, most of the recent migrants (also known as rapefugees) are Muslim. So the headline is not false, it just leads to a somewhat false conclusions.
With this said it is still beyond horribly insane that regular Swedish tax payers pay for migrants to participate in any activity. That money could go to Swedish people instead. And since we are on the topic of state-funded activities which might make potential rapefugees becoming more proficient in the harassment of native Swedish men and women; there have also been instances where the state pays for gym memberships and thaiboxing memberships for the migrant men.
I do not need to elaborate further on how wrong this is and it goes without saying that we will aim at de-mantling such policies in the coming time. Realise that the current establishment of Sweden; arguable one of the worst cases of Cultural Marxism to date, is declining in power with each passing day. So even if you, as an international reader may gaze upon Sweden with a confused and disdainful look; do not despair, Sweden will soon return to her fine old self.


Now, onto something completely unrelated; today’s exploration with my girl, found this rather epic bridge. There is definitely something appealing with stone buildings in nature. They blend in quite nicely and create that harmony between man and nature, a harmony that more modern style architecture isn’t quite capable of.


I have finished Assassin’s Creed Unity and I  would most definitely recommend it, it is a great game. However, there are some things that keep it from perfection. Alas let us start with the good things. First of all it might just be the graphically best looking game I have ever played, the aesthetics of it are also top notch (as is proper considering the time period). Usually the graphics are not that important but this was, at least in my experience, out of the ordinary (and yes, the game played nicely on my GTX 960).


The architecture was glorious to behold, as was the setting; late 1700’s Paris. The story was decent, better than expected actually, I will not elaborate further as to not spoil anything. The bad parts, however, was due to some minor bugs still present, much like Rome Total War 2 it was really broken upon release but had a good going over to make it better (so it was better to wait). The combat system was not the best to date; the parkour and exploration aspect were more rewarding. A bit longer main quest would also have been great. They should, for coming titles, focus a bit more on the main story and less on side quests, as you usually don’t do them upon finishing the game (at least I don’t). In games such as Skyrim this is another matter completely though.


The most interesting thing with the game though, is the fact that “the bad guys” are the revolutionaries, I thought that they would be the good guys since the Assassin’s Creed franchise is border-line Cultural Marxist, and the French revolutionaries were the original leftists. The term “left” actually stems from the French Revolution where the extreme elements sat to the left in the parliament. Furthermore it is interesting to study the French Revolution for a Traditionalist since many values that are today destroying Western civilization stemmed from that time. I do not know how ideologically oriented the makers of the game are but it was refreshing to hear the bad guys shouting “damn conservatives” in the game!

Also, we are almost at 26 000 subscribers on YouTube now which is amazing. Very happy with that. I will make some really profound videos in the coming week so stay tuned for that!

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