Pre-Orders and Orders for New Garments!

The new garments are finally here! The Aux Armes Fleur-de-Lis T-Shirt is an upgraded version of the old one with a higher quality garment with a better fit in addition to a bolder and sturdier print. The two new designs are gym stringers with a traditional heraldic Evropean Lion!

More information: 

Sizing Guide
The t-shirt is a very good fit and you can go with your normal size here. The stringers have most of their material on the bottom so depending on your body shape you can go either with your usual size or one size smaller (to make it tighter in the midsection).


Aux Armes Fleur-de-Lis Fitted Royal Blue. 26 EURO.


Gym Stringer The Golden Lion of Evropa. 20 EURO.


Gym Stringer The Bordeaux Lion of Evropa. 20 EURO.



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