Why Muhammad Ali was not a draft dodger. A Tribalist’s perspective.

Muhammed Ali passed away last week and as was to be expected a debate arose about him. I chose to salute him via pictures on Instagram and Facebook as I think he was worthy of commemorating on his day of passing. He was not just only a great athlete, he was also an athlete who used his fame for something good; he used it to promote his own political ideas. Much like today’s champion, Tyson Fury, who also has a great many good views and seem like a very good man (despite the media trying desperately to portray him as otherwise).
The most common critique against Muhammad Ali is that he was a draft-dodger. In merely technical terms it is true. He avoided getting drawn into the Vietnam war. Was this wrong however? I would wholeheartedly argue no. The Vietnam war was first and foremost a destructive war that hurt the United States more than anything, and gave rise to the extremely destructive Flower Power movement, which was also connected with the leftist currents sweeping over Europe. The Vietnam war itself is not the interesting topic though, the interesting topic is whether Ali was wrong to fight that particular battle. He was not wrong in dodging the draft because it was not his fight, it was not the fight of his tribe. He was an African-American, he was Black. That is not the same tribe as the American Government. Fighting for someone else’s tribe makes you a mercenary. Refusing to fight for another tribe does not make you a coward. Refusing to fight for your own tribe makes you a coward. Refusing to participate in a struggle for your own people makes you immoral. There is a large different in the two.

A real draft-dodger (in the tribal sense) today would be (to give an example) a Swedish man (or any Western European man for that matter) who is not open with his views because he is afraid of being called X (insert generic term used by leftists). A draft-dodger in the United States today is someone who does not support Trump, a draft-dodger in France next year will be someone who does not openly support Front National. A draft-dodger in the Austrain election was anyone who did not vote for FPÖ.

My main point with this article is that your loyalty and your commitment is towards your own people: not anyone else. And to end this elaboration with a good example of courage, here is the young Trump supporter in the midst of protesters being intimidated. You can see that he is afraid (and rightly so) but he overcomes it, it would have been easier for him to just remove his Trump pin and walk away, but he faced down his fear, and that is courageous.

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  1. You are right on the draft dodging issue. I just want to add that the USA isnt ANYBODYS tribe after the private federal reserve owners turned it into a recruitment district for British (anti-German,Anti -Irish etcpp) aggressions. And after the melting pot ideology turned it into a light brown skinned IQ 90 zombie smortphone user plantation for whats left of ANY former race. It is certainly tragic that the social engeneers like Edward Bernays or the Hollywood illusion factories have been preying upon the heroic male potential of young white men by turning them into dehumanized yes men under their chosen controllers (from Rabbi Steven Wise until todays Neocohns). Today the Government Issues (GIs) are owned by Saudi Arabia , and are to being used as cannonfodder against the white people of Russia, while their sisters or mothers or daughters or little brothers are being torturemurdered by the IS “refugees” or ,in case of the US, by Mexicans who look and act like Grey Wolf Turks from the Nato Gladio program.
    Masel tov!

  2. I have a question:
    Could you elaborate on the “reflected glory” theme of the football Championship in France?
    Because I think it is disgusting how any tribal ethnic white European can be a supporter of his respective multiethnic football team. I speak of teams like France,Germany,Belgium,Switzerland (it should be named Albania 3.0), or England (my special “favorite”).
    Though there are some authentic teams like Iceland,Hungary,Slovakia or Italy or Spain, these teams still are being subjugated under the “Respect.No to Racism” sign of the corrupt globalist freemasonic Fifa/Uefa structures.
    If I was a Slovak or Icelander, maybe I would still support “my” team and ignore the “No to racism ” team.
    What do you think about the Reflected Glory issue?

  3. Hi,
    I was wondering when your book is going to be complete. It looks very interesting.
    Also, are you a tribalist in the sense that you would want to form an all-white hunter-gatherer society or do mean to say that you view your nation as a tribe?

    I’m not sure if you’ve checked out ThuleanPerspective, but he is a hunter-gatherer tribalist, in case you didn’t understand what I was talking about.

    • Hey man, I am hoping that it will be finished early next year :-)!
      No, I am more of a nationalist than that (broader perspective)!

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