Glorious Tanktops Now Available. New Name For This Site!


After a long wait the new Golden Lion Tanktop of Evropa is here. This has been in the works for quite some time. The difference between a stringer and a tanktop is that a stringer shows more skin and is in general more suited to prayers in the Temple of Iron. A tanktop is a bit more versatile and also more appealing to more people (more people in the sense; Metaphysical Crusaders for Mother Evropa, not just anyone who likes the design, more on that here).
Visit the store page for more information:


Moreover, as you might have noticed, I have changed the name of this page to TheGoldenOne instead of Narcissus. This has been a long time coming and I haven’t gotten around to do it until now (due to studies etc). The name Narcissus has been the name of this site for quite some time actually. I did not really have any special relation to the name except for the fact that I have gotten my fair share of comments/accusation regarding narcissism, and since I like Greek mythology and the site was to begin with focusing on perfecting one’s physique I thought it was a fitting name. Now however, I feel that it was time to stick with one title. Furthermore, speaking of names, my other title The Glorious Lion, as I use on my back-up YouTube channel, and my Instagram is because on in certain cases the name The Golden One was already taken (doubtlessly by some blasphemous heretic).


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