Quote from a Handbook of Traditional Livng

“Finally comes the Age of Iron or ‘Dark Cycle’, that of our time, in which injustice, death and pain, rule supreme. This age is ruled by economic power: man is entirely devoted to the pursuit of ‘prosperity at all cost’, to the point of forgetting his relation to the divine. Dark forces expressing the unleashing materiality now take over. The regal function, naturally occurring in the Golden Age, has now withdrawn and is no longer visible. A fifth age should be added to the four just mentioned: the Age of Heroes or the Aryan Cycle, which will lead to the restoration of the Golden Age.”

– A Handbook of Traditional Living

1 Comments on “Quote from a Handbook of Traditional Livng”

  1. So, the positive “bright side” if you will to this dark age, is the reaction against it by those who will emerge as the keepers of a more ancient knowledge… In some ways, then, it is more glorious to live heroically in this dark age than at any other time, as a light in the darkness burns with more heat. On a side note, when I first read Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World (is there a way to underline here?) it opened up my eyes to other possible narratives of human (de)evolution than I had previously imagined, even if I don’t agree with all of his points.

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