I Was Attacked by Swedish Mainstream Media. My Response.

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  1. Such a badge of honor! Keep fighting.

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    Den 21. okt. 2016 kl. 19.03 skrev The Golden One <comment-reply@wordpress.com>:

    The Golden One posted: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT6DZUyuTOU”

  2. The presstitute media are like rapidly necrotisizing cancer patients-look at their ratings. Their decomposing remnants need undertakers like you . Their are some positive developments in the world like the resistance against Ceta, the annihilation of IS by Russia,the new wikileaks on Killary and the possibility of a military coup in the US in case Killary steals the rigged election from trump. All these developments could turn the tide against the rapefugees,against Saudi Arabia,against the gender-gaga,against the private fed and against white genocide in general.
    Young indigenous white europeans need inspirational healthy heroes like you more than ever. To turn the tide and to heal Europe with reason,strength and charismatic visions.
    May all the weird SJW demons drink their own coolaid,take their vaccines,eat their bisphenol a and gmo crap and soon die off in excrutiating pain. May they reep what they have sown.

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