Joyous Tidings! 40 000 Subscribers on YouTube.


We have now reached 40 000 subscribers on YouTube. The Metapolitical Crusade for Mother Evropa continues with unrelenting force. The various factions that hate everything just, natural, and beautiful are still (despite being in decline) strong, plenty in numbers and needs to be combated. And this battle is one of culture and information. Conventional warfare may be seen in a decade or more, alas at the moment the most important thing is to win the metapolitical battle (and win hard).
Heretical mortals think that they can defy my will with slanderous articles and weak attempts at guilt by association. Fortunately no one takes those agents of Chaos seriously anymore; and as a result my influence grows stronger.

The future belongs to those with the most fight in them, so keep at it my dear brothers and legionaries!

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