Slavarnas Tid. A Fantasy Novel in Swedish

I have had the pleasure of reading something as rare as a fantasy novel written in Swedish. The book mixes elements of Scandinavian and Finnish mythology and is set in a world much based upon our own. The book reminded me to write a brief article regarding the importance of reinforcing a sense of who we are. Before elaborating I would encourage you to listen to the following video which features parts of a speech by Jonathan Bowden. Moreover, I also recommend that you read my latest article on RightOn (as this article is a follow-up to that article). What I appreciated with the book, Slavarnas Tid, is that it does in fact reinforce the sense of who we are; in this case as Swedes. You are what you surround yourself with, if you watch Sex and the City on a daily basis, chances are that you will indeed start identifying with that lifestyle, viz. a rootless cosmopolitan lifestyle. This book can be used as an example on a cultural endeavour which promotes a more Völkisch lifestyle. Personally I felt like going out into the forest on a joyous exploration walk when reading the book; certainly a sensation I will not obtain whilst watching Hollywood decadence. Now the main point is not necessarily that I wanted to venture out into the forest instead of visiting a degenerate nightclub. The main point is that the novel is a good example on how an endeavour can reinforce the sense (and to a certain extent knowledge) of who we are. Finding a sense of who we are is a key element in securing our native lands for our coming generations, thus I salute any endeavour that aids in this.

The book, along with plenty of other interesting titles, is available at the valiant company Logik Förlag.

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