Late Night Boxing Drills and a Book Recommendation

Below are some boxing drills (courtesy of Tiger Muay Thai – Western Boxing), which we found useful (i.e. something we will incorporate in our own training back in Sweden). Using drills as a main component of a training session is very handy since the only thing you need is a partner and your own gear (you could actually do them without gloves as well), which means that the training can be very flexible. So if you are looking at training some boxing with your mates once a week (as a complement to other forms of training which you partake in during the weekdays for example), using drills is a good idea. The drills can of course be followed by some sparring and/or other exercises. The main key is to have a solid crew and some imagination!
Moreover, in regard to this, I will focus a lot more on training, lifestyle, and culture when I return to my beloved Mirkwood (Sweden). I have several good videos planned and am excited to begin my epic ascent to 100 000 subscribers.

Moreover, I have read Incidents of Travel in Latin America by Lars Holger Holm. As the title suggests the book describes the author’s travels and adventures in Latin America, along with various interesting societal observations. Since the author is not under the sway of the ever-stifling contagion known as political correctness, these observations become more interesting (as opposed to someone who censors his own thoughts). It is not that the book has a political agenda (i.e. comparing various societies from an ideological or political standpoint) but rather that the observations and descriptions of events are not restrained by aforementioned political correctness, which is very refreshing.
I decided to read this book as it stands out from what I usually read, which is either historical fiction, fantasy, and science-fiction on the one hand, and ideological works books on the other hand. What I categorise as ideological books in this case are similar to the ones in my recommended book list. Furthermore, I decided to read the book as my friend Anton (who by the way has written the following interesting article: Make Modernity Great Again). has recommended the author, and I am glad I listened to him. Lars Holger Holm truly has a gift with words, making the book a joy to read. I can definitely recommend it! It is available at valiant Logik!

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  1. Hey, will the Byzantine T-shirts be in stock soon again? I’m shredded for summer and need some glorious clothing. Please keep me up to date 🙂


  2. Can you comment on why you used taxpayer funded education and then not do anything with it? Why did it tske you 5 years to finish a 3 year degree? Why did you study history when it is obviously as useless as gender studies?

    • Have you managed to build a nearly 100k follower base in a couple of years? Are you as well build / physically fit as TGO? Are you as talented as TGO in ways of writing blogs and creating profound video material?

    • Why would I not use it? I encourage everyone to do so. Besides I studied business and economics which is geared towards setting up your own company, so I’d say it’s quite relevant. It took longer than expected because I also focused on building my company (I didn’t receive funds for my last year).

      • Wasnt that business and economics only 30 credits each in that bachelor program? How does that qualify to anything than just toch on introductory topics? Why did it take you longer when many students on the same programme studied extra while working and setting up companies since the degree is so easy. Plus its history so its worthless

  3. The program was Ekonomprogrammet, so it was more than 30 credits of each topic, I did not study history. I didn’t see many other students building a brand the way I did, so I can’t comment on that. Besides I also worked during my time as a student.
    Lastly, it is not my fault that you are who you are. You will not get any better by coming with passive aggressive remarks towards me. I suggest that you try to embrace some of my words instead of reacting negatively towards them. You have a choice in going forward with a positive mindset or remaining the way you are; negative.

  4. You can’t claim something expect that no-one will question that. Ekonomprogrammet that you took is 90 credits specialization 30 credits business 30 credits economics 15 credits statistics and 15 credits electibles. You have previously stated that you specialized in economic history (sounds like history degree to me). So that gives you 90 credits history 30 business and 30 economics. Why did you pick the easiest specialization?

    • I claim to have a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics. That is what the Degree Certificate says. 45 Business, 45 Economics, 90 Economic History. Economic History goes under that category, history is another subject with another degree.
      I choose my specialisation because it was more relevant to my interests.

      With all this said nothing changes that you are a little subhuman rat that will never amount to anything :-D.

      • By Uppsala university rules ypu cannot have a bachelor of science without taking the mandatory 15 credits of statistics. That above then becomes bachelor of philosophy with economic history. It still doesent change then fact that you used taxpayer money to study history.

  5. I do have the 15 p Statistics (I included them in the 45 Economics above). Nothing of what you say changes the Degree :-). Or do you think I am lying to you?
    Also, why would I not have used this great opportunity? The only thing that matters is winning the metapolitical war.
    Also, could you elaborate on why exactly you are so butthurt? What have I ever done to you? Yet again, it is not my fault that you are the way you are.

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