Late Night Boxing Drills and a Book Recommendation

Below are some boxing drills (courtesy of Tiger Muay Thai – Western Boxing), which we found useful (i.e. something we will incorporate in our own training back in Sweden). Using drills as a main component of a training session is very handy since the only thing you need is a partner and your own gear (you could actually do them without gloves as well), which means that the training can be very flexible. So if you are looking at training some boxing with your mates once a week (as a complement to other forms of training which you partake in during the weekdays for example), using drills is a good idea. The drills can of course be followed by some sparring and/or other exercises. The main key is to have a solid crew and some imagination!
Moreover, in regard to this, I will focus a lot more on training, lifestyle, and culture when I return to my beloved Mirkwood (Sweden). I have several good videos planned and am excited to begin my epic ascent to 100 000 subscribers.

Moreover, I have read Incidents of Travel in Latin America by Lars Holger Holm. As the title suggests the book describes the author’s travels and adventures in Latin America, along with various interesting societal observations. Since the author is not under the sway of the ever-stifling contagion known as political correctness, these observations become more interesting (as opposed to someone who censors his own thoughts). It is not that the book has a political agenda (i.e. comparing various societies from an ideological or political standpoint) but rather that the observations and descriptions of events are not restrained by aforementioned political correctness, which is very refreshing.
I decided to read this book as it stands out from what I usually read, which is either historical fiction, fantasy, and science-fiction on the one hand, and ideological works books on the other hand. What I categorise as ideological books in this case are similar to the ones in my recommended book list. Furthermore, I decided to read the book as my friend Anton (who by the way has written the following interesting article: Make Modernity Great Again). has recommended the author, and I am glad I listened to him. Lars Holger Holm truly has a gift with words, making the book a joy to read. I can definitely recommend it! It is available at valiant Logik!

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