A healthy soul in a healthy body

The Primordial Truth teaches us that training in the Temple of Iron and the Temple of Martial Valour is of paramount importance; not only in terms of physical fitness, but also in terms of mental fitness. A healthy soul in a healthy body.

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  1. Well yea, but what do you do after that? Pretending to be in charge and immersing yourself in a gimmick that’s harmfull to you and blabling in that reality is’nt going to help: your discontent is being absorbed against you and the system beefs itself up while ignoring you! And if you do nothing, you’re toast! Of course I’m taking back Vikernes ideas sometimes, they’re pretty good and inspiring, and the NorthernBrother too, or actually, you guys give people courage to express them, that’s normal, if I see somthing good on tv I’ll use it, not just what and waste my time and nothing else! But beyond that… I think in nature, you don’t see always the same thing recuring, I mean you could think, ok that bug is really a pest so it’s going to spread absolutly everywhere or that plant spreads everywhere so there’s only going to be that plant everywhere but it just does’nt work that way. Look I think (expereince) there really is some kind of God (or without a capital letter, whatever) for humans, a caring God, but it can’t do everything for you, or live for you, and you guys don’t have a plan: I think it is important to understand what an abuse of principle is, Voltaire wrote very well about that in his philosophical dictionary (Destiny article if I remember correctly), basically, you can’t just expand a principle (like a good God) infinitly and expect to have a system that works: wheter you spit right or spit left is’nt going to change the outcome of a battle, having constant abuses of principles in mind just makes you nervous and stupid, dump these idiotic Abramic religions (and the other official ones like Budism for example, I think it’s true it was planted in asia by Jesuit monks (I’m refering to the book “history science or fiction”)­. So you guys are so incredibly far behind that it’s even impossible to have an inteligent conversation! Plus you’re totally being spyed on, security is not verifyable or insurable, the media is hammering it’s disgusting images and feeling of helplessness constantlty. But well I’m not much better myself, I’m quite poor and all, and in school we had that english class and the teacher taught the word ugly and asked who was the uglyest guy in the class and they picked me, so we don’t have much in common ideologically. Forget the idea that humans are in charge. I just like your 3 channels because europe is sending a positive image to me when I come to the library, I feel it as motivation and a positive distraction, thanks guys, good luck with promoting your culture and doing something with that, who knows.

  2. Excuse me the part about the abuse of principle is in the article “Chain Of Events”.

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