Regarding Pre-Orders

In regard to the pre-orders for the clothing. They will be shipped out next week. I had hoped to send them out this week alas the Gods saw fit to present additional obstacles.
I give genuine thanks for your patience!

2 Comments on “Regarding Pre-Orders”

  1. Hi TheGoldenOne,
    Instead of writing text comments, I figured I would make video comments. Thanks to your inspiration and that of the younger generation. You are mentionned in my second video. Thanks for leaving my comments posted, at least for a while if they stay up.
    I explain in intro why this thing is just casual, maybe until I change my mind I don’t know.

  2. Hi there, youtube says no views on my videos and no comments or anything either. I don’t know if anybody saw them or what but I’ll remove them and that will be my final comment here. Those who’s blogs I have posted on, I hope you saw my videos so you get a feeling of who this guy is (me) and resorb any confusion. I did’nt mean to offend anyone; if I would’nt have liked you I would’nt have posted on your blogs (including thuleanperspective) or commented about you on video; good bye.

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