Why I am Nationalist

A few words on why I am a Nationalist is in order. Nationalism is a highly misunderstood concept, often confused with Chauvinism, which is an aggressive and arrogant view of other nations. Nationalism simply means loving your own country and wanting to improve it. For those who have been following me for a long time (three years or so) will realise that this is highly congruent with the teachings I have always represented. The same rule applies for the individual as for the nation. Just as I three years ago said that my cockiness didn’t have anything to do with pushing other people down, but rather celebrating my own grandeur, the same applies for a healthy Nationalism; the celebration of one’s own nation, not a hatred for others.

I am Nationalist because I love our culture. I appreciate other cultures as well, and I encourage other peoples to take pride in and care of their culture; lest everything turns into a rootless mono-culture worshipping Mammon. This does not mean I am against all elements of globalism; there are certainly benefits with having a connected world. However, just because we can trade more easily with other parts of the world, or visit other parts of the world more easily, does not mean that we necessarily must forsake our individual cultures or accept the slow but steady death of our biological identity. The trade of goods and exchange of ideas does not have to be at the expense of the fundaments of any nation.

Moreover, adhering to Traditionalism does not mean only looking back at past glories. It means bringing the torch with us into the future. It means finding inspiration in our history for new endeavours. To utilise two examples. Look at the two pictures above, the aesthetics portrayed by the statue and the church wall does not necessarily only belong in those two contexts, but can be used for other purposes. One of these purposes is to sculpt your physique to the likeness of a statue. Another purpose is to appreciate the sheer beauty of the art and seek to bring that beauty with you in whatever you do. The modern world is rife with ugliness (just look at modern art), thus beauty becomes an act of rebellion.

Traditionalism means looking towards the future with the spirit and wisdom of the past as your guide.

After we have won the Culture War in the West we will once again see things like this incorporated in the general aesthetics of our cities.

Lastly, we must also secure a future for glorious architecture. Building beautiful architecture is dependant on style; not during what century it was built. This means that modernist abominations are not inevitable; we just have to work towards a cultural shift so that we once again can start building beautifully!

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