The Primordial Truth teaches us that beauty is good. Only un-Enlightened heretics claim that it is ‘shallow’ to go for women you find attractive. In fact, finding a woman beautiful is Mother Nature’s way of saying she is a good match biologically speaking (same thing if you like the smell of a woman). I would actually claim that it is more shallow to go for a woman only based upon her personality, because that leaves plenty of room for excuses, such as accepting physical decadence. Moreover, if a woman allows herself to fall into physical decadence that is a sure sign that she is in fact not a good woman, and then the lie of her good personality becomes even more apparent.
I find certain women attractive, and I do not owe any explanation to fat whale feminists or anti-Whites for my preferences. Golden Angel as I am, I am still subject to the wishes of Mother Nature, and she dictates that I should go for a fit girl with a cute face. Is this because I am somehow shallow? Absolutely not, on the contrary I place great virtue in the personality of a woman. But this does not mean that I am fit to ignore the wisdom of Mother Nature.
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