The Primordial Truth teaches us that beauty is good. Only un-Enlightened heretics claim that it is ‘shallow’ to go for women you find attractive. In fact, finding a woman beautiful is Mother Nature’s way of saying she is a good match biologically speaking (same thing if you like the smell of a woman). I would actually claim that it is more shallow to go for a woman only based upon her personality, because that leaves plenty of room for excuses, such as accepting physical decadence. Moreover, if a woman allows herself to fall into physical decadence that is a sure sign that she is in fact not a good woman, and then the lie of her good personality becomes even more apparent.
I find certain women attractive, and I do not owe any explanation to fat whale feminists or anti-Whites for my preferences. Golden Angel as I am, I am still subject to the wishes of Mother Nature, and she dictates that I should go for a fit girl with a cute face. Is this because I am somehow shallow? Absolutely not, on the contrary I place great virtue in the personality of a woman. But this does not mean that I am fit to ignore the wisdom of Mother Nature.

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  1. Marcus,

    I respect you greatly and have started my own journey with the Glorious Pill. However…

    You actively endorse men and women on the right to embrace their respective traditional roles so as to allow for a more harmonious society. Women like Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, Faith Goldy and others all signal towards identitarianism and traditionalism whilst apparently not wholly heeding their own remarks. It is true that society has changed to allow women more autonomy due to social and technological reasons but my question is how can a case be made by women who operate in roles that are not unique to those filled by men? To clarify, these women participate in street activism and, up until circa 2015, were simply cultural libertarians (which is simply refined degeneracy). They have not shown themselves to be truly traditional (like Wife with a Purpose) despite their constant purporting to be so.

    How can you endorse this barbarism?


    F P Moody

  2. “Attention Women- I Will Stare At Your Breasts Whether You Want Me To Or Not, And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It Because I Am A Mighty Alpha Male And Totally Not Gay, Honest, Stop Looking At Me Like That Just Because I Love My Own Oily Muscles And The Oily Muscles Of My Shield-Brothers More Than Any Useless Female Only Good For Making Sandwiches And Soldiers For The Great Race War.”
    -The Golden One

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