Male Beauty

There is nothing gay about recognising the beauty of another man. Finding something beautiful does not necessarily imply a sexual attraction, one can find beauty in art, architecture, nature, athleticism, etc. Viewing things of beauty only in a sexual context is the product of (((Freudian))) blasphemies; falsehoods that must be cast away by the Enlightened individual. A good example of male handsomeness and beauty is Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. Although he has very handsome facial features it is the metaphysical qualities that really makes him dashing. The metaphysical qualities in this case is the intensity of the eyes; the determination and confidence. The eyes are the mirror of the soul and can say a lot about the quality of an individual. Seeing determination and will in the eyes of a man is a good sign, seeing apathy and lack of direction is a sign of heresy.
The truth is that I will never be near Mr.Bond’s level of handsomeness. However, instead of lamenting this fact I can strive to emulate the qualities that truly makes the appearance of him glorious;  the intensity of his eyes. If you ignite your soul with a higher purpose these qualities will shine through. Thus you must cast aside barbarous practices such as watching pornography, and accept the Glorious Pill and embark upon your journey to Enlightenment.

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