Male Beauty

There is nothing gay about recognising the beauty of another man. Finding something beautiful does not necessarily imply a sexual attraction, one can find beauty in art, architecture, nature, athleticism, etc. Viewing things of beauty only in a sexual context is the product of (((Freudian))) blasphemies; falsehoods that must be cast away by the Enlightened individual. A good example of male handsomeness and beauty is Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. Although he has very handsome facial features it is the metaphysical qualities that really makes him dashing. The metaphysical qualities in this case is the intensity of the eyes; the determination and confidence. The eyes are the mirror of the soul and can say a lot about the quality of an individual. Seeing determination and will in the eyes of a man is a good sign, seeing apathy and lack of direction is a sign of heresy.
The truth is that I will never be near Mr.Bond’s level of handsomeness. However, instead of lamenting this fact I can strive to emulate the qualities that truly makes the appearance of him glorious;  the intensity of his eyes. If you ignite your soul with a higher purpose these qualities will shine through. Thus you must cast aside barbarous practices such as watching pornography, and accept the Glorious Pill and embark upon your journey to Enlightenment.

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  1. Aesthetics, particularly those we see with our eyes, impact and by their symmetry, harmony and purity, makes us witness to standards of harmony and aesthetics in our motions, our sentiments and our thoughts. It therefore, behooves us all to see beauty and internalise it, applying it to every part of our psyche, and so move us all from the gross to the subtle. Such is the alchemy of the soul that aesthetics demands of us, invites of us, and calls us to serve.

  2. And remember boys, it’s not gay to jerk off to the Golden One. Only a true alpha would do so 😤😤😤

  3. “Freudian Blasphemies?” Let me guess… Freud was Jewish, so his groundbreaking work in the field of psychoanalysis (which is mostly supplanted in modern psychology by more up-to-date methods, but that’s another show) is part of some sinister Zionist plot to prevent the triumphant return of blond-haired, blue-eyed demigods pure of blood who can trace their lineage back to Odin AllFather himself.

    Just admit that you’re gay and that’s why you despise women enough to shove them into the kitchen so you can hang out with your oily, well-sculpted “shield-brothers” you’re obviously doing butt-stuff with in the locker-room. You’re not fooling anyone, buddy.

  4. To follow up on this, here’s a line that should be perceived and not excited:

    Physical body-sexual organ-orgasm-supernatural departure-creation of another half lifeform-sexual Partner for humans (meiosis: my intuition is that this process is constantly felt to various degrees (hormonally and such))

    If you get sucked into this process by crooks and that formation remains excited, the way to these crooks could remain open and reactive. You might not manage to relax truthfully again.
    You could be stuck with a reactionary character on which insults and violence force “relaxation” and become a forcibly good reactor and/or crushed as a lost sexual object that can’t stand up for itself or a reactionary “Partner”.
    If you move yourself away from yourself and are fearfull, your personality could be stuck seeking an illusionary gain in a reactionary manner controled by fear and rejected organically.

    There’s a danger that excitation be incorectly confused for genuine organic functioning and as the normal reality adaptation, this thing is physiological.

    Sado-masochism is an aggravation of the auto-erotic tandem, often imposed or “bought” from the Partner to reject that “Partner”.

    In my case a crime has been commited. This thing is not about porn or sado-masochism, it is about cyber-criminals who portray the devil as a threat and frustration in a disguised manner in the physical process. The website that they used is; that website went through all web-page blockers restricting adult content that I know of and I flagged it years ago as being run by terrorists (if one did a whois search about the website it spit out a terrorist organisation and such). It was still running last time I checked.
    The “free porn” that is spread over forums and file sharing is apparently run by these same criminals; note that I have’nt checked that one in years.

    To understand all this you could also Watch the Smurfs.

    Papa Smurf: controls a super-natural collapse and watches over the Smurfs. See: “A gift for Papa’s Day” episode

    Gargamel: he wants to repress the smurfs, sees them as sexual objects. He’s not really evil, he just can’t stand up for himself.

    Azrael: malevolent nature. A cat is a cat. It keeps Gargamel from collapsing; if Gargamel were to become good and smaller than Azrael, the cat would eat him, unless he (Gargamel) rescues his inner child; see: “The Incredible Shrinking Wizard” episode.

    In french unfortunately these two episodes went missing and replaced by a flood of other episodes with nonsense blue marks at the bottom of the picture.

  5. Why does everyone think your gay for you admiring to appreciate male beauty? In this age of degeneracy there are no more cloested faggots. In fact homosexuality is such a virtue in modern society the golden one would probably benefit from being a open homosexual because then he would get “gay privilege” like Milo and be able to talk about anything without recourse and possibly become famous. Men who are men are beautiful like women who are women are beautiful. Nothing beautiful about a girl with a dyke haircut and piercings. Nothing beautiful about a limp wristed beta male. You guys who cant admire strong men and heroic men are total fuckin queers 😂

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