The Wild Hunt: Mithras Awakening Challenge

The Summer challenge is at hand! Here is a list of resources needed to participate in the challenge. 

List of things to procure:
1. A True Friend.
2. A pair of boxing gloves (14 oz is a good size).
3. Gum shield.
4. Mother Nature.
5. Should you wish to incorporate kicks: Shin pads and a guard for your immortality (groin guard).
6. A pair of pads can also be useful, focus pads or thai pads.

Once a week for 2 months go out in nature and train your martial prowess for about an hour, the training can include drills and sparring. This way you both get some more martial training and you also get the health benefits of being out in nature in addition to incorporating a good tradition to your everyday life.

If you are completely new to martial arts it is recommended that you take at least one class at a boxing or thaiboxing gym to get down the basics first, then you can view the weekly training as a good opportunity to cement the techniques learned.

Additional Rules
No porn.
No getting drunk.
Read three books. Here is my recommended list of books, it has not been updated for a while but I aim to do so in the coming week. For this particular challenge reading books that will motivate you to both train physically but also expand your mind is recommended.

Below are the relevant videos to this challenge.

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