Quote by Voltaire

“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”
– Voltaire

3 Comments on “Quote by Voltaire

  1. Ach Voltaire, there was a time where I was really fond of him, although some people say he was Anti-christian, he wasn’t, he was anti-Church more like it, infact he believed in God(his telling about a watch and its design). Two interesting books by Voltaire are “God & Human Beings: First English Translation ” and “Voltaire and Rousseau Against the Atheists: Essays and Detached Passages from Those Writers in Relation to the Being and Attributes of God (Classic Reprint)” I think they are pretty cool.

  2. Except you’re NOT right. About ANYTHING. Nobody hates you because you’re “The Aryan Ubermensche” made flesh. Everyone hates you because you’re a blithering, narcissistic idiot who flounces around in Leather Battle Panties, talking about killing brown people and “The Bastard Cunts Of Feminism” just because they confuse and infuriate you.

    You’re a RELIC. Reason Number One With A Bullet why masculine honor-culture is obsolete in an age of science and steel.

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