Bronze Age Mindset – An Interview With BAP

I recently read the book Bronze Age Mindset. Bronze Age Pervert was kind enough to send me a signed copy, which I took great delight in reading, and it now stands proudly on my bookshelf. Since we share parts of our respective fan bases, and we alight in terms of aesthetics and, to a certain extent, outlook on life, I thought it was appropriate to invite him to do a written interview.

The Golden OneGreetings, Bronze Age Herald of Thumos, I just read your book and it had plenty of profound insights. What inspired you to write it, and what inspired your name Bronze Age Pervert?

Bronze Age Pervert: Greetings I send power and health. I admired you from afar when I had small account, it is honor now to do interview. I was inspired because I had vision from when I was a procurer of whores for Tushratta the King of Mitanni. He looked much like you, a man of golden skin and hair and very strong in body. I remembered how I provided prostitutes in Washukanni to the charioteers when they got tired of their war trophies. I’ve been a whoremaster for over 3500 years, reborn in different forms. I was cursed always to remember, never to forget from life to life. So I was inspired to bring that way of life I witnessed then, the spirit of the Bronze Age, of those charioteers, and the Ashvin twins, and the Dioscuri, and Achilles and Diomedes, to bring that image to our time, because I wanted to show modern so-called man how small he is and how worthless. Why? Because I’m a pervert and I enjoy that. But I also wanted to encourage the slumbering beasts from among mankind, to remind them that their only shackles are the words and worthless opinions of nobodies.

The Golden OneIn your book you emphasise the importance of hormones in nature and life, both for humans and for animals. Do you think that the decline in testosterone in Western men has been a significant factor in the predicament the West finds itself in at the moment?

Bronze Age Pervert: Yes. Only one man tried to stop the weakening of the last century. This is the great warrior poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. How can man live to be man in the pigsty to which we’ve been confined? It’s obvious we’re battered by mycotoxins, xenoestrogens, microwaves, and who knows what else into becoming fat female sacks of manure. Anyway all studies show what you’re claiming. Decades-long decline in testosterone, in grip strength. Do you think males with normal testosterone levels would accept rule of insectoids like Trudeau or Merkel or May or like much of the West now? Testosterone is much lower by the way in the third world, people don’t know this. The disease of modern times is much more advanced there, in the slums of the tropics. Anyway a high-test man like Trump can win just by showing he’s not a slithering castrated pussy. He doesn’t even need to do much else it seems. People are just so tired of the slop to which mankind has been reduced they’ll turn to anyone who can awaken life in them again. Men can follow his example or that of Salvini, and become winners. But yes: like Machiavelli say, weak men have made world prey to tyrants, only the tyrants of our time hide.

Gabriele D’Annunzio

The Golden OneDo you have any insights on lifestyle factors (foods etc.) that can positively influence the production of testosterone?

Bronze Age Pervert: Aside from sun and steel? I preach doctrine of raw garlic. I eat it raw and I walk the streets after, wreaking like an ethnic. Is this OK? I also hear cabbage and broccoli are good estrogen blockers. Then again who knows. Just try to sleep well, not to be under stress. Eat meat, eggs, natural dairy. The probiotic Gastrus is a great gift scientists in your country have given to the world; they claim they isolated a strain of L. Reuteri from breast milk of a Peruvian mountain woman (it’s true, look it up), but it sounds like a made-up story. This probiotic Gastrus is proven to increase testosterone. I know two men who conceived strong sons on it.

The Golden OneWhat is your take on sunbathing and sunbeds? What is a good amount and should one worry about skin cancer from too much sun? 

Bronze Age Pervert: Skin cancer from sun only develops if inflammation is already in body. If diet high in rancid vegetable oils for example, like canola or soy oils, which unfortunately are everywhere now. But if eat well, use coconut oil both to eat and to put on skin, and build tan gradually, with a little more exposure each day, then this is good. This is how you get vitamin D3 and it is the lack of this vitamin that leads to cancer. The sun radiation you get indoors can lead to cancer, not outdoors. Sunscreen is highly toxic. On the other hand certain people, for example from bogs of northwest Europe, or the red Udmurt, can’t tan at all and they should take synthetic vitamin D3 instead. But I think if you build up to 30 minutes in midday sun daily, then this is good. Apollo had golden skin and he was born in present-day Latvia near amber fields.

The Golden One“The enemies of Western man and the enemies of beauty are to learn just what was meant by a piratical race.”This is an absolutely glorious statement. What would you define a piratical race as?

Bronze Age Pervert: Piratical race is one that TAKE! For example Vasco da Gama when he reach India, and the Samorin and the Arab merchants were being rude and trying to deny him trading rights, he just crush them and he sunk the boat from Mecca and took all their things. But even before that, piratical race is one like his, or like the Dutch, very small nation perched on some obscure beach in western extremity of the world island who decide one day to build wood ship and travel through great dangers to other side of world. The Chinese thought they were pirates. What led the Portuguese or Dutch or your ancestors the Vikings to go down the Volga and such? Driven by great visions of conquest and world empire but also a love of wandering and adventure, and plunder and lawlessness, and to be tired of the safety of home. Now these low-test males you ask about just want to cocoon, to be domestics, and hide this behind all kinds of fake opinions about social justice. But you find the true worth of a man only outside all social justice and protection. That’s only on the high seas, of whatever sea that might be, outside the laws and stupid opinions of the many. A piratical race is one that produces men like this. See Homer if interested. I also like book An Outcast of the Islands by Conrad.

The Golden OneYou often post pictures of aesthetically pleasing men on your Twitter, much to the chagrin of lesser men. How do you respond to the un-Enlightened souls who call this “gay”?

Bronze Age Pervert: Many see these images of power and feel to be made less, because they’re fat and so on, and don’t want to become better. Many are alienated from physical life and anything physical and want to feel righteous in rejecting it: these are the spiritual cuckolds. Others are afraid their girlfriends will see their flabby bodies and compare with the photos, while others want to protect Ben Shapiro. But why do I poast? Many reasons, but the aesthetic physiqs encourage some to attain and work for that greatness in the photos, which also inspired the greatest art of the greatest two eras of mankind. They are indisputable images of greatness and perfection. Many men have improved their bodies and lives because of these poastings. I won’t stop poasting aesthetic physiqs, I don’t care what a few self-righteous smirking male lesboids think.

The Golden OneIt is my firm belief that we have to get as many young Western men as possible into the Temple of Iron. What would you say is the best way of getting them into the gym?

Bronze Age Pervert: I think what you do, and your image and your program are a great example to youth, you promote it with both great example and great humor. But also is good to remind them that in ancient Greece slaves weren’t allowed in gyms, because gyms and hunting were for military training. This can motivate, and is the truth. To those who are inclined to be intellectuals, or nerds, it is important most of all to embrace discipline of iron: please see Mishima’s Sun and Steel, the most important reflection on physical training by a great artist.

The Golden OneOne could argue that pornography is a demon sent to sap the vitality and well-being of young men. Do you have any good mental techniques to share for the brahs struggling with quitting?

Bronze Age Pervert: Well just look at what the porn star looks like without makeup. Have you seen the pockmarked livestock faces that go into porn these days, might as well jerk it to dead rat. Then you can also remember that porn is promoted as a form of psychological warfare and that when you wank it to these very sub-par wimin you’re making yourself a eunuch for a lesbian mulatta commissar. Better to welcome nofap when it comes easily because you are driven by other things, but if you must fap, do it instead to images in your head of great power. Study Wilhelm Reich and understand this energy can be channelled to psychic power. Imagine also for example great health, or the attainment of a material desire, and fap to that instead of porn.

The Golden OneExcept for embarking upon the Iron Journey and getting some sun, do you recommend any essential things a young man should be doing (or not be doing)?

Bronze Age Pervert: Find close friends who read great books of Homer with you and share great ambitions and plans together. Note: becoming interior designer is not a great plan. Taking over your country in ten to twenty years is.

The Golden OneWhat is your top 5 recommended books to read (except your own book)?

Bronze Age Pervert: They must read Homer, Herodotus, Plutarch’s Lives and Nietzsche book Beyond Good and Evil. These are five then. I also recommend Conrad Lord Jim: tale of adventure and self-perfection.

The Golden OneWhat type of music do you listen to when you are in the gym. Good training music is always appreciated. 

Bronze Age Pervert: I will soon send you playlist why not? I listen however to a streaming website called SomaFM, and my favorite channels are Space Station Soma and Secret Agent. They also have a trance channel but that is in my opinion too high-energy for gym. I’ve also listened to Aphex Twin Stone in Focus on loop for the whole session.

The Golden OneThank you for your insights. Do you have any other wisdom you would like to impart on my disciples?

Bronze Age Pervert: I say before, I repeat: see Albrecht Durer etching Knight Death and the Devil! Look at that smile in the midst of great evils. Always try to attain that smile and good humor. Never lose hope, never give up, never surrender!I will have broadcast coming soon, documenting my quarrels with detrimental robots, my struggles against the service industry, and against the Satanic designs of the Great Mother. I hope you will enjoy.

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