The Golden Mentality, the Linen of the Gods and Victories

I originally intended to write a release article for the new Aesthetic Men’s Linen Shirt, and while the purpose of this article remains to highlight them I wanted to take this opportunity to expound upon a mind-set that I have found useful when it comes to achieving my goals. It is simply a matter of asking myself; why can’t I? In this case it was a matter of asking; why can’t Legio Gloria have high quality, well-fitting shirts that are made in Europe? Why can’t my products be every bit as good as those of the competition? And by the competition I don’t mean some random brand, I mean the brands that I want to wear myself. Clothes are important, it is not something you want to leave to chance. I have often gotten the question; where you do find well-fitting shirts? And my answer has always been the same; I don’t know. Since most shirts are made for numales without any distinct v-taper it will be hard for someone with an athletic build (broader shoulders and a smaller waist) to find a well-fitting shirt. When I say athletic build I do not mean bodybuilding-broad but rather the physique that is attained by training in the gym naturally, or training martial arts or training swimming on an elite level; a Neo-Classical physique in other words.

The question that I ask myself in my particular endeavour, as an owner of a clothing brand, is why can’t I have the same level of products as my own favourite brands. My answer is that I can, as long as I put in the work and the research and have the necessary sense of aesthetics. And perhaps most importantly; the patience and sense of Marathon (i.e. recognising that certain endeavours take a good amount of time). I know that I want what I want much more than most, so putting on the pressure and setting the pace high is not a problem, I already know the formula to achieve certain goals, so I can get to work on new projects with a supreme clarity.

I view it as a metaphysical struggle and I intend to be victorious, no matter what the struggle is. That is the mentality, regardless if we are talking about a clothing brand (in my case) or reaching whatever goals you might have yourself. Perhaps you want to get through a challenging university education, or perhaps you want to attain a high level of physical glory, or perhaps you want to participate in an MMA-fight. Ask yourself; why can’t I achieve victory in this endeavour? In some cases it is good to be realistic about your potential, but in other cases it might be good to just believe in yourself and embrace the grind and set the pace high for a long period of time.

The development of the linen shirts was a personal and important victory. I made the measurements of them myself and it was a big investment, so I will freely admit that I was quite nervous when I tried on the first shirt of the final version myself (I had of course tried sample shirts beforehand so I knew which measurements to work from). Fortunately it fitted really well, I was rewarded for putting in the work and research. If you prepare to do something, be it an MMA-fight, powerlifting competition or an exam or engaging in a debate; be sure to prepare accordingly, the better you prepare the better you will fare. It is quite obvious really, but it bears repeating since the absolute majority of people are not willing to put in the work for a long period of time. A good example of this is the following: All men can fight but most are not very good at it. Why? Because most men are too lazy to commit to a strict training schedule. Some of these men believe themselves to be good at it or believe themselves to be tough, but the Primordial Truth teaches us that your self-perceived ‘toughness’ does not matter when a perfectly timed and perfectly placed iron fist comes crashing down on your jaw. Neither does that ‘toughness’ save you from getting slammed onto the pavement by someone who has spent countless hours training MMA or wrestling in addition to attaining a strong deadlift. It is recommended to train hard and to be humble. Some people object when I talk about the virtue of humility, I am (believe it or not) humble in the sense that I know what I am good at (the things where I have put in the work for a long period of time), just as I know what things I am not as good at, for those things I adhere to the guidance of men I trust.

I recently attended a debate night talking about the EU and the future of Europe. My clothing for the evening; the Aesthetic Linen Shirt. This was not only because it was a shirt from my own brand, it was also because it was the best suiting and most aesthetically pleasing shirt I had. It felt good putting it on, it was the sensation of victory. A victory long in the making. When talking about life as a struggle or about self-improvement you must learn to recognise victories. Five years ago (it feels both like yesterday and 500 years ago), I won a strongman competition for students. It was a great day and it felt great winning, but the true victory was that it turned out to be a great video. I have since made equally popular training videos, and each of those have been victories as well, because my goal is to inspire as many men of my bioculture (the European one) as possible to train hard. About one and a half years ago I won my first MMA-fight, the main reason for participating was to lead by example, so that the same men could be inspired to start training MMA themselves. It was thus a two-fold victory. It is my wish and belief that the training videos I have made since have also inspired guys to start training MMA – uploading those videos have thus also been victories.

How can you apply this mind-set into your everyday life? Start recognising victories; every time you progress in the Temple of Iron, no matter how small the increment, view it as a victory. Whenever you learn a new technique in a martial art, view it as a victory. It doesn’t matter if you train BJJ and have been submitted 15 times during rolling, the training session is still a victory if you have learned something new that session. Whenever you gain a new insight, from a video or book or lecture, view that as a victory. I am the result of a thousand such victories, the reason you are reading these words is not because of a few significant victories but due to the many smaller ones. I enjoy the grind, the Marathon, because I know when it comes to durability I have an edge. Soon I will hopefully reach 100 000 subscribers on YouTube, this is not due to a few viral videos, it is due to a steady production of content over a long period of time. So every time I post a video that is appreciated I have gained a victory.

This article got a bit longer than I had originally intended but I thought these were some thoughts that were worth explaining. That being said the Aesthetic Men’s Linen Shirt is made in the historically glorious nation of Lithuania and is available here:
Moreover, I added a page on the Legio Gloria site: Made in Europe which I recommend checking out.

Lastly, since you have read this far I would like to salute you for taking the time to read this, we need more reading and less scrolling. Also, speaking of reading, my book is completed now it is just a matter of starting the production of it.

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