The Utility of Symbols, Designs and Tattoos

What is the meaning of the angel design above? It means the same as a tattoo would. I do not have any tattoos myself, but if I had they would serve as a reminder to myself of who and what I want to be. In this case an Angel of Enlightenment. It is probably not often you hear someone say that they want to be an angel, but why on earth wouldn’t I want to be one? Not some passive and untestosteronous one, but rather someone along the lines of St. Michael (my favourite Christian saint – even though I am not Christian), or Sanguinius in the Horus Heresy. Being honest with yourself is important, being unironic is also important. I have always been unironic in my sources of motivation. My guidelines for tattoos are quite straight-forward, un-aesthetic or ironic tattoos are never to be endorsed. Since I don’t have any tattoos (nor do I plan to have any) I apply the same mindset to clothes.

When wearing this garment (or similar ones), I am also wearing a commitment towards myself. Whenever I look myself in the mirror – be it in the gym or otherwise, I am reminded of what I want to be and where I want to go – I am reminded of the journey, the quest. The same thing applies when wearing a necklace, in my case a Mjölner the Hammer of Thor every once in a while in the gym (primarily during deadlifts).

Symbols are important, that is why the Great Enemy wants to ban or stigmatise them. The Black Sun is a good example of this, it is an Indo-European symbol of spirituality and life-force, yet the powers to be label it as a “hate-symbol” (whatever that is). The reason they want to stigmatise it is because it reminds us of who we are, it roots us to something deeper. The enemy wants you to to be rootless, de-virilised and passive. I want you to be a force of nature with a life-affirming world view. Ask yourself, why is pornography so easily accessed? Now ask yourself why I spend so much time enlightening men to its dangers.

The enemy labels strength as toxic. I label strength as a necessity to take adequate responsibilities as a man.

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